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  1. Hey, I've setup 8 products in the same Group, and assigned the Universal Slider as desired Template. Unfortunately the single result I have is this: I guess that I need to set something at the description of the product...? Thank you!
  2. Well ... can you please make me an offer on PM? 🙂
  3. I'm no programmer so ... I totally agree with you, but I have no idea how to implement it.
  4. I've replaced $pdf->Cell(0, 6, Lang::trans('invoicesdatedue') . ': ' . $duedate, 0, 1, 'L', '1'); with $pdf->Cell(0, 6, Lang::trans('invoicesdatedue') . ': ' . date('d.m.Y',strtotime('+15 days',strtotime($datecreated))), 0, 1, 'L', '1'); The "original" invoice is this: The result is this: So we can consider this as a "win" for now. I'll search for somebody to write a module, because I'm pretty sure this will get overwritten at the first update and diff-ing is a huge pain in the arse. Thank you very much for your support!
  5. Unfortunately it doesn't applies to Romania. Here the law imposes both the Invoice Date and Due Date, because it has "contractual meaning". So...yeah... 😕
  6. Sure I/we could, but that wouldn't really fix a behaviour that is not appropriate/legal. I think that the solution is for WHMCS to "be legal", not for its (paying) users to search workarounds and gimmicks. It's just my humble opinion. Meanwhile, you had a great idea! Can't we modify the template so it shows the Due Date as InvoiceDate+15 days? I'm not a programmer but it doesn't looks very complicated?
  7. Hello, Right now the "VAT Addon" module behaves like this: when applying payment the "Invoice Date" is changed into the current/today date, which is ok/normal the "Due date" is NOT changed, which results in very weird invoices, as sometimes clients pay way after the Due Date Example: Proforma Invoice is issued by WHMCS in 01.11 and has 15.11 as the Due Date (everything normal until here) the client makes a late payment in 05.12, aka 20 days after the Due Date the accountant registers the payment in 06.12, this resulting in the Fiscal Invoice with 06.12 as Invoice Date BUT the Due Date remains 15.11.2018. This behaviour is illegal in the vast majority of EU countries, as you cannot issue an invoice ... after its Due Date, or on different months. Any fix for this? Thank you, Razvan
  8. Hello, Right now the "VAT Addon" module behaves very strange: When applying payment, the "Invoice Date" is changed into the current/today date (which is OK/normal/acceptable) The "Due date" is NOT changed, which results in very weird invoices. Example: invoice is issued in 01.12.2018, but the due date is 15.11.2018 - which is illegal in Europe, as you cannot issue an invoice ... after its due date. Requested work When adding payment, the "Invoice Date" and "Due Date" should be the same OR the "Due Date" should be "Invoice Date + 30 days". I'm looking for a serious developer who can make this simple module. Thank you, Razvan
  9. Razva

    Translate date in the email templates

    After spending a couple of hours with my programming colleagues, the general conclusion was "fsck it, let's just use Global Date Format". I'm coming from HostBill and I'm amazed of the limitations imposed by WHMCS! You cannot specify quantities for products on invoices, you cannot create products with quantities (my workaround was to create a product + configurable options, which is horrible), you have hugely limited multi-language support (even if WHMCS advertises itself as "fully multi-lingual"). Sometimes I'm so tempted to just go back to HostBill... 😐
  10. I'm getting this when trying to use it: AppConfig for “csf,” requires that you must have one of the following acls: “software-ConfigServer-csf” to access the url: “/cgi/configserver/csf.cgi”. Any hints?
  11. Razva

    Always show lowest price

    @brian! thank you very, very, much! This solved my problem.
  12. Hello, Our WHMCS setup is set to English by default. Unfortunately our international customers are complaining that the messages we're sending are "mixed-bilingual". Here's an example: The above message was sent to a user that had Romanian set as Language, so basically the message is in "romglish". This is/looks very unprofessional. WHMCS's staff reply was this: Unfortunately I'm not so good at coding so ... can somebody please point me to the right direction? Thank you
  13. Razva

    Always show lowest price

    Thank you very much for your in-depth reply! My problem with {$product.pricing.triennially} is that it will show the entire price per 3 years, not the "triennially monthly price". The end-game would be to show this instead of this Yes, I am sure that the triennially price will be the smallest one for this product category. The problem is that other (more expensive) products will not have triennially pricing. For those I should post quarterly or whatever is the biggest period. I don't have any products that are more expensive quarterly/annually/triennially compared with monthly. Long story short I need to show the monthly price for the biggest existing term, even if that is quarterly or triennially.
  14. Hello, We, as most providers, offer the best price for Triennially payments, Monthly payments having the highest cost. Unfortunately WHMCS shows the highest price (monthly) when listing Products. Any way to fix/workaround this?

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