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  1. Thanks all - I've been tied up lately but will get back to this within a week (I hope). It's good to be busy but...
  2. I'm looking for someone who can assist us in importing approx. 200 clients/100 cpanel hosting accounts/100 enom registrations. I can arrange all data into ordered columns per your instruction. I've done some importing to WHMCS before, but I really don't have the time I used to have... This is a brand new install/clean db that you'd be populating. Best to PM or email me at mark at buffalowired.com Thanks! Mark
  3. BuffaloWeb

    Any way to sort Products in summary page?

    Thanks Brian, works like a charm now!
  4. BuffaloWeb

    Any way to sort Products in summary page?

    So I updated to 6.02, and moved the modifier.sortby.php file to /vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/plugins. I have the following code in clientsummary.tpl which no longer seems to sort correctly: {foreach key=num from=$domainsummary item=domain|@sortby:"status,expirydate,domain"} Any ideas?
  5. BuffaloWeb

    Any way to sort Products in summary page?

    per other thread (and in case someone finds THIS thread in the future): I moved the plugin from /public_html/billing/includes/smarty/plugins to /public_html/xxxxx/includes/classes/Smarty/plugins and gee whiz, it works now!
  6. BuffaloWeb

    temporarilly change sorting of items

    Ding! I moved the plugin from /public_html/billing/includes/smarty/plugins to /public_html/xxxxx/includes/classes/Smarty/plugins and gee whiz, it works now! (someone mentioned the other location in the thread, and I guess I picked the wrong one). But as you said, it doesn't work well on dates - it only sorts on month - the first digits in MM/DD/YYYY format. So I switched to YYYY/MM/DD format, and now have it working as expected with: {foreach key=num item=domain from=$domainsummary|@sortby:"status,#expirydate,domain"} This now sorts Active domains ahead of Cancelled, then soonest expiration date, then name. Very cool, much thanks to you brian! I'm not sure if the date format change is going to negatively affect other things though... US clients typically expect to see MM/DD/YYYY
  7. BuffaloWeb

    temporarilly change sorting of items

    Thanks, but as noted in other thread I am still v5 (waiting for a little dust to settle on version changes). I was actually hoping to use expiry date, but tried sorting on domain name ("domain") to test it. I got the same result whether it is text or date so far. Here is the error I see when using debug mode: Fatal error: Call to undefined function smarty_modifier_sortby() in /home/xxxxxx/templates_c/%%28^287^28710B50%%clientssummary.tpl.php on line 638 Does that help shed light on it?
  8. BuffaloWeb

    Any way to sort Products in summary page?

    thanks, but I am still on last v5
  9. BuffaloWeb

    Any way to sort Products in summary page?

    Replacing existing line: {foreach key=num from=$domainsummary item=domain} with what you suggested breaks the template... Too bad, I would have liked to use that!
  10. any idea why this happens in the first place?
  11. BuffaloWeb

    Credit Card Details Disappear

    Matt - any update? planned changes? lots of requests to not have these deleted from the system...
  12. BuffaloWeb


    If I want to send an email directly from client summary, I assume we need to use the format: clientsemails.php ?userid={$clientsdetails.userid} &token={'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'} &action={'send'} &type=product &id={$product.id} &messagename={'Hosting Account Welcome Email'} Is there a variable I can access for the value of token?
  13. BuffaloWeb

    Godaddy Domain Transfers

    ditto. confirmed. Please stop truncating this field - period.
  14. Sure, you could remember to change it each time, but why? I have 1000 clients, each has their own preferred payment method. I invoice various clients routinely for development services. Instead of having to look up how they paid last time, create invoice, go to options, change payment method, save and send invoice, why not: create invoice, save/send? The point is: automation, fewer keystrokes = less chance of mistakes.

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