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  1. Still no way to disable this from the web interface ?
  2. Hello 🙂 I had to cancel 2 paid invoices due to a human error (of mine, hehe). Those invoices were unpaid. All okay, could revert the status of the invoices, but the invoice number (that changes coz I do use "proformal system, when I mark paid one invoice, the number changes to correlative different numeration" kept as the "paid" system, no change back. Now client paid, in the same day, so I thought that I could just park as paid the same invoices, but system gives error: Successfully Updated 0 Invoice(s). The following invoice(s) failed to be marked paid: 378. This could mean the invoice is in a status which cannot be paid or there is no balance due. Find out more Buscar How fo fix this ? Thanks Suc Buscar How
  3. OK, I have an active order in the panel, but need to associate a new invoice in to it. For any reason that invoice was deleted. Also client requests change of plan (I already assigned downgrade in to the active cliet's order. How to do this ? Thanks
  4. Created, since I almost don't use to get "add funds" from my users, I'll keep an eye about this. Another question: How to avoid to create invoice from proforma invoice using old proforma date ? I mean, when user pay and we create invoice, this invoice must use current date, not proforma invoice data !
  5. Tell me, what else do you need ? I don't know what to explain .... the issue is that, when I get payment from one proforma invoice, then I do create real invoice, and new invoice gets the next invoice number, but gets that original date of the proforma invoice. This causes that correlative invoices are not in time ordering, and this is not good for accounting.
  6. Hola, según tengo entendido hay un plugin para Redsys que permite el pago por referencia, alguien puede indicarnos cual es ? Muchas gracias
  7. Got it .....it was 0 instead of free. This way I'm billing twice some quantity. if one client send $10 of fund, then system generates a $10 invoice. Then on next product renewal ($10) system generates a new invoice. Total amount billed $20. But client paid $10. And my accountant asks me to fix this issue. How to make it correctly ? Yes !
  8. Hi, I have some doubts about invoicing: 1.- How to prevent to create CERO invoices ? 2.- How to prevent to create invoice after client adding funds ? (invoices are created when customer funds pai next renewals) 3.- How to avoid to create more than one "unpaid" invoices on renewal ? Thanks
  9. Hi, is this working ? mature and stable ? looks like you don't show this product on main cloudastrix.com site .... anything goes wrong ? Thanks
  10. Helo, I moved one WHMCS in to a cPanel server, and I don't know why, tickets are not being processed. Tickets are being get remotelly from a remote mail server (another cPanel). Cron executes the task without any problem (i get emails) but just see the error "No input file specified". The cron task is executed every 5 minutes and looks like this: php -q /home/user/whmcsdata/crons/pop.php But system just does nothing. I don't see any incoming connection from WHMCS server and is not any firewall isue (alreadu checked). The php file is coded, so I don't know what else to do. Please help me, I have some tickets pending to be processed on multiple departments. Thanks.
  11. No, I always accept every order manually. In fact that order is still pending. I didn't notice that I can go to the concrete service and change it, wow, so easy .... am going to try
  12. Okay, this is a little complicate for me to ask in english, but here we go ! I have an order already paid and ready to "accept", but I want to change the product (same type and price) before executing the the cpanel provision. Is there any way to do this without sending emails or re-billing ? Example: Client paid "Service1" and I'm pending to accept the order so WHMCS provisions the cpanel hosting. I want to change "Service1" to "Service2" before doing this. Products are similar and there's no price difference. Is there any easy / clean way to do this ? Thanks
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