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  1. You cannot compare $750 in USA, where you can maybe live a half month, with $750 in Turkey, where you can live 2-3 monthes (or more).
  2. For those of you using WiseCP - there is a beta with many bugfixes out .. https://docs.wisecp.com/en/kb/v2-3-1
  3. thx, i just got their new email right in the moment where i wrote my previous text. i am away from them, from now and forever.
  4. look the four and five stars rating coming up on trustpilot out from nirvana .. seems they started to take action against our many bad ratings..
  5. i put 200,- eur on the table for a crowdfunding new software project. are there 300 people to follow and a few good developers availiable?
  6. as for my concern, my 2 tickets with multiple questions were answered binnen 12 hours. and i answered here a pre-testing question from another searcher, and i did not advised support in this system on any matter.
  7. a) " front end template/product list is integrated and part of the default WiseCP" --> yes, they are. As kind of a simple and continous repeating CMS structure (categories, items, you can add own). For Footer you have to go in the templatefiles with simple html understanding. Two nice themes are included (I use modern, the other is classic as on your link) b) " is the front end products list managed by the back end product list/stock" - yes, CMS, see a) c) in my opinion its easy and fast, it doesnt complicate anything, the basic structure (CMS-like) is repeating and makes all clear, all needed functions given, languagetab there so you can translate 1:1 where it is. d) Its mentioned on the website from directadmin.com , under extras (you know the guy who took all leaving cPanel customers to DirectAdmin). I dont think John from DA would advise shitty solutions. e) you can get free 25customers version - why not test it yourself? (and you can add own pages as you like, no need for extra cms-module, all there, same structure, same good feeling)
  8. I just purchased the wisecp enterprise lic (with perpetual updates and support. for arround 750), and will you hold updated, my friends.
  9. I´m switching to the new WiseCP. https://www.wisecp.com which is mentioned on the DirectAdmin website under Extras (aside Blesta) With WiseCP you can even get a free version with up to 25 endcustomers. I just did a testinstallation, and can say that it looks like a much more better designed WHMCS, and its easier to setup, whereas it has almost the same functions.
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