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  1. efisher

    Welcome Email Template

    For those that are still having this problem, please open a support ticket. There is an update that will resolve this and they (WHMCS support) should provide it via response from a ticket.
  2. efisher

    Welcome Email Template

    I'm having the same problem. It doesn't matter if I make the change with or without the rich-text editor. I ended up having to change the code in the database itself.
  3. Hi Micahel, We would love to use this. Looks like your account is too new to be able to send private messages to you. We've been reselling Comodo for a few years and didn't realize there was a previous version. Please include us in your v2 beta and let me know if it is worth implementing v1 in the mean time. Thanks.
  4. I just had the same problem. whmcs.com down and license server not reachable. Bad!!!! Please fix the licensing server, whmcs, so that we don't get locked out like this!
  5. efisher

    Password reset link not working

    I don't know why others are having problems, but I can say why I'm having problems. It looks like the email sender envelope has the message coming from whmcscom@whmcs.whmcs.com. The problem is that whmcs.whmcs.com is having problems being resolved. My mail server is reporting that whmcs.whmcs.com doesn't exist and refuses to deliver email. Matt or WHMCS if you see this, please either fix the sender address for your forms or make sure that the name resolves. I did a report on the host name and there is some serious confusion from your servers on whether or not the name should exist as a host or a subdomain and where the subdomain is defined. Bottom line, your domain is broken and we can't receive your email as a result.
  6. efisher

    Comodo api

    Same here.
  7. efisher

    Comodo api

    Matt, I'd be very interested to see how you do this. Will you be sharing or selling the module that you are putting together? -Eric
  8. efisher

    OpenSRS/Resellone API Security

    +1 for me. I agree, the way that WHMCS authenticates with OpenSRS is a little odd. I would hope for some site-specific key or prefix that could make our instance unique and harder to guess those passwords.
  9. efisher

    Client Reviews Addon

    I would have to say, that is between you and your customers. While we don't have it implemented yet, we do plan to so that our customers have a way to be an advocate of ours. Right now, we have to manually put customer quotes, stories, and testimonials on our site, but this allows our customers to do so without our assistance and there will be a prominent place on our next website for these quotes. We also plan to reward our customers for their kind words. Month of free service or something of that nature. I hope this helps you decide whether you should consider this add-on further. -Eric
  10. We look forward to seeing this released. The other day we were just talking about how this is lacking.
  11. efisher

    New Enom Name Spinner

    I found the issue with my problem and a solution. For anyone having the same issues, what I saw was that a hook that I had setup was using mysql calls. This overrides any connections that this mod makes. In order to to fix my problem, I had to specify the database connection in the namespinner.tpl file. This is what I used... Just before the first mysql_query call, add these two lines: Just after the last mysql call, add this: Hopefully this helps someone else. -Eric
  12. efisher

    New Enom Name Spinner

    Found my issue. Turns out there was an action hook that I was using that had mysql calls. Those calls prevent me from opening the database for this mod. I'm still trying to find a solution, though. Any ideas?
  13. efisher

    New Enom Name Spinner

    Guys I'm seeing the same behavior. I turned on php display_errors and I'm getting this error: Looks as though in my setup the mysql_connect is not getting called. Same case for me... worked a bit ago and today just stopped. I'm sure something changed, but I'm just not sure what. The rest of WHMCS works fine, however. Just a problem with trying to use mysql select statements within templates. -Eric
  14. efisher

    Clean upgrade from v3.8 to v4.2?

    John, we're investigating the same scenario. With the process in the wiki, will the backup and restore method upgrade any table space items or config settings during the restore? Or will we have to run the upgrade script? Which works? 1) Install, skin, and configure 4.2; Backup 3.8; Restore into 4.2; done or 2) Install, skin, and configure 4.2; Backup 3.8; Restore into 4.2; run upgrade script; done or other ? Thanks, -Eric
  15. efisher

    domain suggestion tool

    Ok, so I figured it out. There may have been a change to the XML response by OpenSRS. Here is the change: From: $lookups = $spinnerresults->body->data_block->dt_assoc->item[4]->dt_assoc->item->dt_assoc->item[4]->dt_array->item; To: $lookups = $spinnerresults->body->data_block->dt_assoc->item[5]->dt_assoc->item->dt_assoc->item[4]->dt_array->item; Now the foreach doesn't error and it completes the request and displays the name suggestions as expected. -Eric

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