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  1. slim

    Switch to HTTPS for admin side

    Yes, I read and fully understood what you wrote. My point is valid - WHMCS's default behavior is perfectly fine linking to HTTP:// because sites should be coded CORRECTLY to redirect visitors to https:// Any site that doesn't has a technical issue that should be solved.
  2. slim

    Switch to HTTPS for admin side

    The sites your opening are not coded properly then. Sites should be redirecting visitors (without any error) to the https:// equivalent. Usually this is done via .htaccess redirect.
  3. slim

    WHMCS with WordPress

    Not many here would disagree.
  4. slim

    WHMCS with WordPress

    If your hosting a WP site and WHMCS in the same cPanel account, you have no business hosting other people’s sites.
  5. Yep - Reselling Weebly is silly - Given they compete directly at prices you cant beat, with more features. I tried, gave up VERY quickly.
  6. slim

    downloads.php - Not updated

    I just checked my other install of WHMCS (also 7.6.1 latest) and the downloads.php file in this install is dated - wait for it - 02/10/2016!! I have now updated both installs with the downloads.php file from the full installation file from my client area. The upgrader really needs to verify the files and report discrepancies?
  7. I just discovered the downloads.php file hasn't been updated in my install since 17/07/2017. (im on 7.6.1 - updated always via the automatic updater) I notice elsewhere in the forums that people have had this issue in the past - But its obviously still not fixed, nor detected during the upgrade process. I just downloaded the full version from my client area and will upload just that one file so that its updated.. But can someone check as to why its not being updated by the updater.
  8. Thanks - autorelease is what I've been looking for. The products are currently not set to any module. Autorelease if works as you describe will be exactly what I need 🙂
  9. My todo list is now full of thousands of todo's for services that don't use a provisioning module. For example, I resell Office365 and each time a mailbox is due for renewal I get a todo entry. In the past, this hasn't been the case. What changed here and how can I change it back? Each morning i need to clean it out, below is a screen shot with two of the manual renewal required things that have started to appear after the 7.6 upgrade.
  10. Yep, I understand that.. I just didn’t expect the error display. am I correct in thinking WHMCS will detect the domain going into redemption ? and if the customer renews by paying the invoice it will renew for them?
  11. I have a client with two .com domains. They expired as the client hasn't paid the invoice. The domains are currently in the grace period. I noticed today when I visit the domain in the admin area of WHMCS I see a red error - see screenshot. Should this be happening? The domain is only in the grace period. it hasn't even entered redemption yet. Note: As of today, running 7.6.0 - and only noticed this after the upgrade (thou, it could have been doing it prior)
  12. This was done (by me) over a year ago. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/eway-token-payments-enhancements-to-module-needed
  13. Thanks - it’s good to hear there was some follow up. would it be possible to improve this module as soon as possible with the following: 1. Make it possible for a client to store their card (create token) from within their client area without having to pay an invoice. Currently this isn’t possible and very frustrating. 2. Update the card entry UI on payment page - of a user enters a card with spaces the transaction fails, but not gracefully. They are not even given an error. It’s quite a poor integration given the size of eWAY, and the fact that WHMCS is a billing system. These two things would improve it.
  14. eWay have rolled out a fix to their production environment. However I'm not sure if they still want WHMCS to change something in the module or not. I have asked them to take a look at this community topic and then to communicate with WHMCS. Bottom line, this shouldn't have happened. It broke our CRON and our admin area ability to process cards for several days.

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