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    Validation for domain additional additionalfields

    Thank you for the swift reply. It doesn't need to be PHP, if it's simpler with JavaScript i'm ok. I'm a novice in this stuff so an simple example would help me a lot. I need to validate the CNPFiscalCode and Registration Number, the code for the validation itself is not an issue, I just don't know how to integrate it into the page. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Please advice me how to implement a custom validation for the additionalfields of a domain that appear when the client whats to register a new domain. I would prefer that the validation occurs when the client tries to go to the next step and blocking him if it's not validated. I've attached some print screen to make it more clear what I need, basically I need to be able to run a PHP script when the client presses "Update Cart" and not go to the next page unless it returns that the validations is ok. I've been searching now for a while the WHMCS documentation the internet and this community for how to implement this, if I missed a similar topic please point me to it.
  3. mxhostro

    Error on order page

    Hello, From 2 days I see that we have a error on the shopping cart when clients try to order a webhosting package only. The error is: "Username must be between 5 and 30 characters and only contain the characters A-Z a-z and number 0-9." Do you see this erroe and how I can fix this?
  4. When i click on the link "Active Support Tickets" on the left of page on front end of page , i see only tiket with "Customer-Reply" , and I don`t see the tiket "Answered" . But if i click the link Active Support Tickets of the button Support of the principal menu i see corectly all active tikets.

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