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  1. Thank you for sharing the ticket response, I have this issue. Never used or enabled 2checkout so ovious a bug still exsists when upgrading.
  2. Did you get any time to look at these widgets. :) Thank you
  3. When you get a chance to update those, that would be great. :) not bothered about payment method but what ever is easy for you Thank you for your time :)
  4. Yes thank you I forgot to mention I got that information and disabled ssl check
  5. Found the answer my self and edited it out of the template. my version of Curl does not support this and I am not updating Curl by using a third party rep. Another unwanted feature, well done WHMCS
  6. After updating to 7.10 in clients account products & service there now shows a red lock that indicates no SSL detected, this is confusing clients as they have SSL enabled on there sites. Where and how is this configured so it shows correctly ? Also shows in my admin as no SSL, even though the sites have SSL?
  7. Good Day Finally upgraded to 7.10 and I have two widgets in my admin that no longer display correctly as there quite old now. I got them free from this community but search is not producing any results. Its possible Brian helped out on one of both, cannot remember Looking for open invoices to show what invoices have not been paid Looking for upcoming renewals for both products and domains Any help appreciated Thank you
  8. Yes i think it was you, i have updated the ticket with the information for a reference if needed. Thanks for your help
  9. Hi Thought i would post an update you on the GB to MB statistics issue i was having. The interworx development team have been working on a fix for this issue and applied a hotfix to my server. The issue has now been corrected and showing disk usage and bandwidth usage correctly. The username (shortend domain name abbreviation) does not effect the login to siteworx through the clients account, i have updated the hosting email template to use clients email address instead of user name.
  10. Hi is there a way to disable template cache. apart from when you are editing templates you have to clear it each time to see the new edits. Some clients who use WHMCS client account to login directly to there hosting control are finding that when they try to login or change to additional hosting control panel, the previous one is still cached and have to logout, close page before they can see the hosting panel change to the one they require. template caching speeds up the site but has a lot of drew backs any ideas Thank you
  11. Hi Still on v7.1.1 I have just started using the interworx server module, all setup ok and can create accounts etc. There is a couple of problems I am having, when the account is created the user name in whmcs products/services is incorrect it auto fills with a shortend domain name abbreviation and should be the customers email address. Another issue is the statistics for server account is incorrect and not calculating them correctly and bandwidth should be GB and not MB. Anyone else using the interworx server module to confirm this is an issue or is there a fix for the above. supprised there is still an issue after all these years though any help appreciated Thanks
  12. this as been requested before, feedback and requests for the old v6 cron information to be added to the new v7 have obviously been ignored I agree the new v7 is no use what so ever
  13. I am getting this error, was the issue found what was causing the error ?? or anyone any ideas of what's causing it still using version 7.1.1 thank you
  14. Hi how can I increase php session timeout just for the admin cp, is that possible ? fedup with getting the token error thank you
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