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  1. Fascinating how incompetent the hand over is 🙄
  2. Ali, We have implemented the domain checker without dropdown for quiet a while! Just try this: <form class="form-collapse" method="post" action="https://yourdomain.com/domainchecker.php"> <input type="hidden" value="true" name="direct"></input> And here is a working example: https://ausweb.com.au/domain-names/ you dont even have to add an extension, it does it by itself with the search!
  3. Found the solution! Just in case anybody else needs this, it a jQuery found in the opensrspro_hooks.php file under /includes/hooks
  4. Thanks Brian, its not in the language file though! Must be somewhere in a java script. -> When a new customer completes the order and signup process, the phone number has to be in a certain format, other wise it spits up the error mentioned. I would like to adjust the error message! Has anybody else got any suggestions ?
  5. Anybody nows where i can modify the text for "Invalid Phone Number Format (ex. +1.4163334444 or 1.4163334444)" Thanks Heaps
  6. so how do you clean up tblemails , as ours is close to 1000MB !
  7. Mate, why aren't you using at least 1 or 2GB for your billing system ? Remember , this is your cash register and you want it to run as stable as possible, doing a budget VPS wont help your business!
  8. IOS6 was fine , its crashing with IOS7 though . Please fix this paid addon asap!
  9. "We do our best to assist when users contact us about it, but ultimately you'd need to refer to OnApp for support at this time. " Actually , that's not true at all, you do your best in passing the bug to a 3rd party developer , that's all! All responds we got from you guys was that you are not willing to support or develop, even the normal paid development is not happening anymore with WHMcs! Pity the good old fashioned dev support from a few years ago, got lost in recent times.
  10. Yes, especially when you consider that WHMcs is partly owned by cPanel now.
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