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  1. Hello how are you? Did you even test these widgets in the latest stable release?
  2. edvancombr

    big red UNPAID

    Replace the line: $pdf->Cell(100, 18, strtoupper(Lang::trans('invoices' . strtolower($status))), 'TB', 0, 'C', '1'); For: if ( $status != 'Unpaid'){ $pdf->Cell(100, 18, strtoupper(Lang::trans('invoices' . strtolower($status))), 'TB', 0, 'C', '1'); } The flag will be displayed for all other statuses except Unpaid.
  3. I cleared the browser cache and it worked again, thanks!
  4. It appears to have crashed in the latest stable version of WHMCS (v7.6.1)
  5. edvancombr

    CTRL + Enter JavaScript - Reply Ticket Admin

    @WHMCS ChrisD I did the above posting in order to share the idea but did not know that it was forbidden to refer through external links. Please edit the publication, thank you.
  6. Hi, When answering a ticket (administrative area) you can use the command combination (CTRL + ENTER) and the ticket will be answered. <?php /** * CTRL + Enter - Reply Ticket Admin * @author edvancombr - whmcs.blog.br */ function hook_replyticketadmin($vars) { if ($vars[filename]=="supporttickets"){ $script='<script type="text/javascript">window.onload = function () { document.getElementById("replymessage").onkeydown = function (e) { if (e.keyCode == 13 && e.ctrlKey){ document.getElementById("btnPostReply").click(); // WHMCS v7.x //document.getElementById("postreplybutton").click(); // WHMCS v6.x return false; } } } </script>'; return $script; } } add_hook("AdminAreaHeadOutput",1,"hook_replyticketadmin"); https://www.whmcs.blog.br/principal/customizacao-area-administrativa-respondendo-ticket/
  7. edvancombr

    Alert hook no longer works

    Thanks for the clarification!
  8. edvancombr

    Alert hook no longer works

    No doubt your tip is 1000 times more practical.
  9. edvancombr

    Alert hook no longer works

    Can I keep the current structure that will return an array and check element 0. if (empty($ccf[0])) {
  10. edvancombr

    Domain sync cron

    From what I know and understand by unchecking the option, email notifications will be suspended.
  11. edvancombr

    Domain sync cron

    Disable ( http://prntscr.com/ke97qj ) "Domain Sync Enabled" setting under Setup > Automation Settings and it should resolve this for you going forward.
  12. After reading your comment I remember a long conversation I had with WHMCS.com regarding a restriction of ioncube loader. They tried to N to inform that the problem was in my code or in the ioncube.com site encoder. After direct contact with ioncube x whmcs.com have decided to implement a feature to bypass the verification http://prntscr.com/kdwalq https://docs.whmcs.com/Other_Tab#Encoded_File_Loading
  13. I agree, this kind of appeal is meaningless!
  14. Use: global $_LANG; Example

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