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  1. edvancombr

    {$systemurl} for PDF

    I was not aware of this information. The curious thing that keeps on working.
  2. edvancombr

    {$systemurl} for PDF

    Another way would be to use a global variable. $CONFIG['SystemURL']; These 2 options will return the URL without the slash at the end. This will return the URL with the slash at the end. https://domain.whmcs.com/
  3. This failure also affects login. #CORE-13145
  4. edvancombr

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    Which situation worse? Do not send or send the wrong data? On 09/27/2018 I reported a bug that sent customizable fields from other clients. The error was confirmed and recorded in case:
  5. As you requested, going on to remember. Thank you!
  6. edvancombr

    Small FA5 Dev Job

    Try inserting these 2 lines ( header.tpl ) and see if it solves your problem. <link rel = "stylesheet" href = "https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.6.3/css/all.css"> <link rel = "stylesheet" href = "https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.6.3/css/v4-shims.css">
  7. edvancombr

    Auto Ticket Reply

    Could you share the solution?
  8. Can not this customization work for the correct homepage? http://prntscr.com/lo6a2d I even removed the conditional from the template.
  9. Hello how are you? Did you even test these widgets in the latest stable release?
  10. edvancombr

    big red UNPAID

    Replace the line: $pdf->Cell(100, 18, strtoupper(Lang::trans('invoices' . strtolower($status))), 'TB', 0, 'C', '1'); For: if ( $status != 'Unpaid'){ $pdf->Cell(100, 18, strtoupper(Lang::trans('invoices' . strtolower($status))), 'TB', 0, 'C', '1'); } The flag will be displayed for all other statuses except Unpaid.
  11. I cleared the browser cache and it worked again, thanks!
  12. It appears to have crashed in the latest stable version of WHMCS (v7.6.1)

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