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  1. I have been searching for quite some time on how to add captcha functionality to a new (custom) page. In the TPL file, I have added: {if $capatacha}<p align=center>{$LANG.imagecheck}<br><img src="includes/verifyimage.php" align="absmiddle"> <input type="text" name="code" size="10" maxlength="5"></p>{/if} and the section does not display. So, I tried it without the if statement to test it: <p align=center>{$LANG.imagecheck}<br><img src="includes/verifyimage.php" align="absmiddle"> <input type="text" name="code" size="10" maxlength="5"></p> The section does show, but it does not work. I am assuming that I need to test for the entered text after submitting the form on the new page, but how do I do that? What am I missing here?
  2. Also, I have set ResellerClub for each of my TLDs as well as my existing registered domains. However, when I login to the DirectI cp, I see nothing different.
  3. In order for the customer to login to the DirectI control panel, do they have to login to the domains.whmcs.com site or should they be seeing a link in the client area to login?
  4. Where can I find that module to enable it? I am still a bit new to WHMCS. :-( Disregard, it is in the Domain Pricing, right?
  5. In addition to my last post, I also cannot login using the CPanel Login button from the Products tab in the backend because it does not have the domain or the IP in the URL.
  6. While DirectI does not support automatic DNS Management (on the order), should a customer still be able to use Manage DNS from the Client Area if I have added Manage DNS manually with DirectI?
  7. Matt, that is exactly what I came to just before getting your post. The email does populate with the domain, username, and password, but does not show the control panel IP, or the name servers. How can I get it to show the server IP address? The name servers are already available, shouldn't these be picked up just like the username and password?
  8. If a customer orders Manage DNS with their domain, it is not being setup for use in Directi. The domain privacy is applied, but just not Manage DNS and I have to manually order it in the Directi panel. Any idea why?
  9. I just ran through this error and wanted to post in case others run into it. If you process a refund in the WHMCS backend via Authorize.net and get an error in the gateway log of: The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit. One possible solution is that the transaction has not actually posted in Authorize.net. You have two options: Manually go to your Authorize.net virtual terminal and void the transaction, or Wait until the transaction has posted and then execute the refund from the WHMCS backend. ...hope this helps!
  10. I have used the https version of the Analytics tracking code, but I still get a security warning. But, it is only in IE! If I remove the code completely, the warning goes away which proves my SSL is setup correctly with my host account. How can I avoid the warning?
  11. I do have that set. I am asking about the Welcome email that will provide my customer his CPanel login info and other details.
  12. I have my hosting products setup so that I have to manually setup a CPanel account on the server when an order is placed. For this reason, I do not feel that I need to set the module settings to 'CPanel'. It is set to 'None'. My question is, how can I enter the login and other pertinent details into a welcome email for the customer? I would like to use the same CPanel Welcome email, but is it possible to get the account details in before the welcome email is sent? For example, a customer orders a hosting package, the order is generated in the backend, I go in and activate the account and set the order status to active...now, I need to send the email...and I would like to use the 'Send Message' -> 'Hosting Account Welcome Email(CPanel)'. Any ideas?
  13. Would anyone have a recommendation on how to generate a dynamic XML sitemap for a WHMCS site to be submitted to Google?
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