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  1. I've been using CDGCommerce for more than 10 years. Their fees were reasonable, but now they have raised them so much, I want to see what else is available. What merchant accounts are people using?
  2. I know I did this before because the links are gone, but I need to remove the app links from ONE account. I hit "manage app links" and "delete" from that account's WHMCS page, but they are still there. This is a resold account and I want them to go to their reseller for support. Otherwise it lets them log into HER account!
  3. It runs,every 5 minutes and it's set for 2am. It runs at 10pm
  4. My daily cron runs at 10pm. It's set to run at 2am. My server time is correct. Not a big deal, but I just had a client complain that his site canceled early.
  5. I figured it out - apparently there were several modules from older installations that are not in the current installation, so I just deleted them.
  6. I foolishly upgraded my php to version 7 and have all sorts of errors. I did it because WHMCS suggested it, but it seems they aren't quite ready for it. When I try to edit one of my products, I get the following error: Fatal error: The file /home/tlang/public_html/modules/servers/ahsaybackups/ahsaybackups.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.0 and cannot run under PHP 7.0. Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6. in Unknown on line 0 Any ideas how to fix this so I can edit my products?
  7. Unfortunately, the verification link doesn't show up when I try it that way.
  8. I just turned on email verification - wasn't using it before. Is there a way to send the "please verify your email address" to ALL clients or do I have to do it one by one?
  9. I am also getting this error: "The cron has run within the last 24 hours. To force the cron to run all operations immediately, please invoke with the following arguments "all --force". Testing reveals NONE of my crons are working, nor is my email piping into the help desk. I can run them manually via SSH if i use all --force. Domainsync runs manually via SSH, pop does not. My emails never get piped in
  10. I'm having the same issue with the cron, it just returns The cron has run within the last 24 hours. To force the cron to run all operations immediately, please invoke with the following arguments "all --force". And nothing is actually done. No invoices are processed or generated. If however, I run it manually using all --force at the end, everything runs correctly.
  11. I did not get a response, but I checked the order new domain and it's correct now, so it may have been addressed in a update.
  12. I noticed that several of the links to the client area in cpanel go to the wrong pages. For example, order new domain goes to the edit profile page. How can I fix this?
  13. I have an account that IS past due, but they sent a check so I checked the box to not suspend the account until 01/01/2015. This morning it automatically suspended it. I checked to be sure, and yes, it is set to NOT suspend until Jan 1st?
  14. I have been getting that for a while on single emails. I have to remove all line breaks to make it work. When I opened a ticket they said they could not reproduce the problem.
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