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  1. thx for the advise , i have posted a thread
  2. Hello Community, hope everyone is safe. Could someone please explain to me the logic , how can I set up a reseller with 300 GB of space with ability to create 5 subaccounts and use that 300GB allocated space .. now when i try to do so the reseller can't create accounts because the space is already allocated to the main account https://imgur.com/a/txTg2CI thx in advance
  3. Hello Community, hope everybody is safe. need to preform a few small integration and a customisations with whmcs 7 version that we are using 1. everytime a new user is created by admin or by a registration process a copy is created in our CRM leads section with a use of RESTful api that i will provide 2. everytime a new user is created by admin or by a registration process a copy of email is created in our email marketing section with a use of RESTful api that i will provide please post your quotes thx in advance
  4. Hello Community, hope everybody is safe. i have a task to get every new registered user data , email , name , phone to our crm and email marketing software , what is the best and easiest way to do it ? using the web hooks thx in advace
  5. thank you brian! once again save the day) happy holidays
  6. Hello Community members, i need to do some pdf invoice tweaking including different lines according to clients currency i have been playing around with invoicepdf.tpl but can't find a correct way yo output the "$clientsdetails.currency" . the task is pretty simple if the client currency is USD show this if Euro show that. can someone point me to the right direction ? thx in advance Merry Christmas and happy new year
  7. Hello Community, hope every body is doing good sorry for a dumb question i am sure it has been mentioned here already. i am running ansible playbooks to deploy different apps in unix os. Is there a way to use webhooks or provisioning module , to run ansible playbook after a payment arrived for the product , passing certain variables , like server name , username and password any advices are welcome , thank you
  8. Hello Guys, is there a way to sync cpanel reseller servers? a small part of our clients are cpanel resellers on dedicated servers that have been created manually i wanted to add a cherry on the top of the cake and sync all these servers to whmcs adding access to cpanel from client area is there a proper way of doing it? thx in advance
  9. Hello, hope everyone is safe is there a way to add new customers to a custom email marketing db , like pass their email after registration ? can this task be managed by a hook ? or is there another way? thx in advance for help and time
  10. Hello, hope everyone is safe and well in this uneasy time. i am having some trouble with my newly updated whmcs version 7.10.2 , cant add cpanel or any other modules in the setup/products or servers , the module drop down is blank in the old version all modules were present , do i have to active them somewhere? thx in advance
  11. Hello fellow community members, hope you are all doing well in this tuff times . i would like to get some inside intel on the wgs vmware module by WHMCS Global Services , i have done some research and read reviews on the marketplace , that got me a bit confused , they are ether very bad or very good, so i decided to find some live ,real costumers that could share some experience. as mentioned in the topic i am into vmware module , any body used it ? thx in advance
  12. Hello, i have a question related to Sequential Invoice Number Format , that i have not been able to solve. I need to adjust WHMCS in accordance with the current system. i have a pattern id - client id , number - invoice number , year - year invoice is issued . the only tags that are currently available are :{YEAR} {MONTH} {DAY} {NUMBER} is there a way how to add a client id into the pattern ? so that whmcs could generate the invoices like: {clientid}-{NUMBER}-{YEAR} is it possible? any help is highly appreciated , thx in advance. thank
  13. Hello i have a promo code that delivers 50% discount on annual purchase domain.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=2&billingcycle=annually&promocode=VPS12 following the link sends costumer to a configuration page where they see a ORDER SUMMARY without applied discount only when they press checkout they see correct price , that really confuses them, so they contact me all the time saying there is an error, the question is how to show them a correct price on Configuration page. thx in advance
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