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  1. Hi, I'm still running on PIM , the module works fine except the unsuspend function , it echo's a succes message but the vps is still suspended .
  2. If you're on a cpanel server: /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log . Watch the log with tail -f and execute the suspend button , you'll see in the error log a line with your ip and the error.
  3. Hi, It works ok , without any modifications . The IP assignement need improvement ( like multiple IP's , when the vps is terminated the IP isn't set back to available in the whmcs's database)
  4. ok , will wait for the release . I hope you solved the "arch" thing and the base_sample_id to be queried from the database.
  5. The error apears because in lib_vz_api.php on line 294 , the sample_id isn't used from the database , I made a modification to query the database to look for the sample_id , I'll post it as soon as I have some free time.
  6. Try adding in the table mod_vz_servers x86 or x86_64 as it's ok for you ( in column arch) . I think this worked for me.
  7. No , the Environment ID looks like: 3edb1714-a392-cb42-b8a2-cf53ca7.... When you create a VPS with this module the environment ID box is updated automaticly with the env. ID . @timgws How can we get the environment ID's for existing VPS's created with PIM ?
  8. I've tried the other way from: $disabled = !(bool)$mesg[0]; to: $disabled = (bool)$mesg[0]; and works fine now. I don't know if it's correct and it doesn't affect other functions so please check.
  9. Hi, It's already: $disabled = !(bool)$mesg[0]; I'm using the latest version you posted on this topic. 0.11
  10. Hi, Ok , I understand , but , I suspended a VPS , it stoped with success. But then I hit the unsuspend button , I received a Module "Command Success Service Unsuspended Successfully" message in whmcs but the vps is still down ( offline ).
  11. Hi, I think the only solution is to use {$service_custom_fields.1} . We can make 5 ( or even more from case to case) custom fiels and asigne with the vallue when the vps is created. In the email we can use {$service_custom_fields.1}, etc to inform the client.
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