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  1. Thanks again. I've opened a support ticket as this issue appears wider than first thought.
  2. Hi, Thanks for replying. I enabled Debug Logging but how can you determine what is an error and what is normal? Or is the fact that there are debug results mean an error?
  3. One, just one, of our customer domains is not properly saving zone entries at Enom or on our page. Apparently all zones were wiped out a couple of days ago and now any attempt at saving new entries fail. This problem appears isolated with this single domain, only. DNS Management is enabled. Nameservers properly point to Enom's service. Any ideas? We are running WHMCS v 7.1.2 Thanks, HSc
  4. HSc

    Captcha broken

    I've enabled ReCaptcha and it does work. I would be interested in hearing more about the server or permission issues you speak of.
  5. HSc

    Captcha broken

    Yes, nothing changes.
  6. HSc

    Captcha broken

    Hi John, I'm attaching a screenshot. There is no captcha image. This goes for the contact form and domain search. I switched back to the stock Six template and same problem. Thanks.
  7. HSc

    Captcha broken

    ... anyone?
  8. Hi, We recently upgraded to WHMCS v7.1.2 followed by upgrading our server to php v 7.x and now the Captcha is broken for domain checker and contact pages. Any guidance would be appreciated. HSc
  9. Ahhhh Thanks for that.
  10. When we set our whmcs to maintenance mode, the resulting page is correct except for that (Err 3) on the first line: Down for Maintenance (Err 3) The rest is fine. What does the (Err 3) part mean? note that this was present under v6.3 and under current v7.1.2
  11. Hi, Can I join in on this thread as I am experiencing the same issue today? (also V 6.3.1) The difference is that expiry and due dates are the same. I also went to the client's summary page, check-boxed the domain in question, clicked on "invoice selected items" and NOTHING. Zero invoices generated. Any ideas?
  12. Hello, We have finally upgraded to 6.3.1 and outbound Emails are defaulting to Times. Previous installation used Helvetica which was the default font. General Settings > Mail tab > Global Email CSS Styling seems to show Helvetica as first font. Anyone with an idea on problem? HSc
  13. Ditto here. Also had other issues with Enom clients yesterday (Managed DNS + Email Forwarding) so perhaps all related to something done on the Enom backend. Perhaps OP could change subject on this thread until you absolutely determine that the cause is as your subject says. I suggest the subject be the error code we all received: "Error: An invalid command was specified"
  14. Yes, I think the new rules would permit an Email asking them to log back in. I just can't imagine *my* customers actually doing so. Most would just ignore it and thereby be unsubbed by law. The vast majority of emails that I've been getting from Canadian companies who are in the same boat all have a "click to continue receiving" email link. Much like a "unsubscribe" link in reverse.
  15. There's a new Canadian law taking effect on July 1, 2014 affecting all mailing lists. Effectively, any exiting mailing list must be re-approved by the customer. We can't offer them an Opt-out, we have to offer an OPT-IN to continue. An Opt-out will be in contravention of the new law. Is there any way to set ALL to Opt-out so that we can then send an Email with instructions on how to Opt-in? Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks, HSc

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