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  1. Just purchased and installed the Billing Module, but getting an ionCube Loader error. Screenshot attached.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a couple of hooks on my WHMCS site in order to manage and guide certain scenarios. For example, one hook disables the continue button )and displays a warning) when the selected configurable options has "sold out" in the name, and another hook blocks cart checkouts for accounts that have not verified their email address. However, I have repeated and daily incidents where users from China are placing orders that do not trigger these hooks at all. I'm trying to figure out how that could be. If I log in as their accounts, and place orders, the hooks trigger, but somehow when they do, it doesn't. I know chinese users use what they call "accelerators" which I am guessing is the same as VPNs. Could it be that this is one way? If not, has anyone got an idea of how they are able to do that, or how I can log/track how they are doing it? Thanks.
  3. I'm currently including additional info on my product group pages with if statements: {if $gid eq '11'} I'm wondering if there is a way to define custom variables, which I can more easily manage, and thus simplify my template files. For example, there is the built in $productGroup.features variable (is variable the right term?). <ul class="list-features"> {foreach $productGroup.features as $features} <li>{$features.feature}</li> {/foreach} </ul> So in the same way, could I define my own? For example: $productGroup.promoVideo $productGroup.additionalFeatures $productGroup.addons $productGroup.additionalBanner
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