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  1. So heres the situation. Customer orders server. Pays first invoice on the date of order. It's 100% paid up by the time I change the date, 2 or 3 days later, when I actually finish setting the server up. Are you stating I need to wait for 1 _automated_ billing cycle after this initial invoice to be paid before changing it?
  2. What does this mean? Does this mean that the customer has requested that the service cancel on that specific date? Why would I have a cancellation request dated October 25 2022 for a "Cancellation by end" date of September 28 2022?
  3. I'm getting the issue where if I set a service Next Due Date some days in the future, because for example a server got provisioned 2-3 days after order, I get 2 invoices...One with the original billing date (signup date +1 month) and then a couple days later, a second invoice with the new specified-by-me NDD.. How is someone supposed to update the NDD without duplicating invoices?
  4. I don't know if I'm having the same issue.. I am getting support tickets from customers saying that they are receiving invoices from us for services they dont have, the numbers match somewhat near what our current invoice numbers are, but yet are totally different invoices when I check. I'm trying to get one of the customers to send a full headers included email back to me so i can try and diagnose where things are coming from.
  5. Why can't I just select accounts with checkboxes from "view/search clients" and have the ability to just "delete" and not only "send message"? This functionality should just be there. Why isnt it?
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