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  1. @PapaKaiThanks for the great info! Yes this is an area of craziness and potential financial ruin if done wrong!
  2. Where is a good place to get a generic Terms of Service document? along with privacy policy, Payment Policy, etc. Something to get me started that I can modify to fit my needs.
  3. Hi @yggdrasil, Thank you very much for the fantastic info on Premium Domians. I couldn't agree with you more. When I started diving into this I quickly realize what mess it was and the huge potential for very expensive mistakes. In my testing of Enom, ResellerClub and GoDaddy only ResellerClub showed the Premium Domains as not available when I switched them off in WHMCS, the other registrars showed them as available so I'm going with ResellerClub for now. That was my biggest concern as you pointed out, being burned on a very wrong price and the fraud and corruption involved. GoDaddy by far has the best prices but they do not flag Premium Domains so you'd have to check every one against the 'normal' price. To me the best/safest move for WHMCS is to use the registrar's APIs to check the pricing in realtime instead of hard coding them because the prices change all the time. Thanks! FutureX
  4. Great thanks for the info! My idea was really to keep the Premium Domains from auto-registering but at the same time be available to the customer. So on the first search by the user if it came up as Premium I would inform the user of the price and they would have to email me to confirm and once their payment cleared I'd register the domain manually. I don't want to have $10,000 sitting in my registrar account just yet. Now I have to get smart about not letting a Premium domain go through the cart. Thanks for the referral to Hexonet!
  5. Tech support at GoDaddy confirmed that they do not set the 'Premium' flag and so the only way to know if the domain is 'Premium' or not is to compare it to the base price. Which also means I would get charged for the $4224.99 if someone tried to purchase that domain. I wrote a little script to search for a domain.tld via GoDaddy's API and return the availability/price. I can compare that to the base price and determine if it's 'Premium' My question is, can I set the 'Premium' flag with the Premium price in WHMCS? GoDaddy tech support did say that they do get a lot of requests to include the 'Premium' flag and they are "looking into adding this feature to the API at a later date."
  6. I just download the GoDaddy Registrar Module from ModulesGarden to see if it would detect and return the correct Premium Domain price. It does not. Searching for "amazing.online" in the WHMCS domain checker tool only returned the price I set for the .online TLD. If I use the GoDaddy API domain checker for example amazing.online returns this: } "available": true, "currency": "USD", "definitive": true, "domain": "amazing.online", "period": 1, "price": 4224990000 } $4224.99 obviously a premium domain but programmatically you'd never know. Also the ModulesGarden GoDaddy module enables GoDaddy to be a Lookup provider and so should be returning the current correct price upon searching. It does not. It only shows you the price that I've entered into the Domain pricing for that TLD. I also contacted API@godaddy.com and their tech said it would indeed register as a premium domain if I sent it through and I'd have to pay the $4224.99. How do we solve this?? Is the solution that you can ONLY use ResellerClub? Doesn't make sense to me Why can't WHMCS pull the returned price from GoDaddy and use that to bill the customer? Otherwise you're dead in the water. Just for reference here is the 'normal' price for a non-premium domain: { "available": true, "currency": "USD", "definitive": true, "domain": "amazings12344.online", "period": 1, "price": 32490000 }
  7. Here is what I would love to be able to do: A user types in a new domain name to register with us via a domain checker on my main front end site. That domain gets send to the GoDaddy API domain availability/price checker Current availability and price come back and are shown to the user. User decides to purchase that domain for that price. That price goes in the WHMCS database so next year they get billed at that price or the new current price. Is this possible somehow? I want to be able to sell all domains and premium domains without having to itemize and price them all out. Also the GoDaddy API will give the correct Premium Domain pricing as well. Thanks! FutureX
  8. @pRieStaKos Thanks, I ended up solving the error and so rolled back to 8.5.1 Even though this is still a bug in 8.5.1 I didn't need to check the Dynamic Field Translations option for WHMPress.
  9. I see that this error (#CORE-17808) has been fixed in 8.6.0 beta 1 but how stable is beta 1 at this point?
  10. @Remitur Thanks for the info! I'm using GoDaddy and they do not show up in the Lookup Provider>Domain Registrar section so I can't select them (GoDaddy). In this case would I just turn off Premium Domains since it seems GoDaddy cannot/will not provide Premium Domain pricing over the WHCMS API? Thanks!
  11. I want to better understand how Premium Domains work. I stumbled onto what could potentially be a huge problem for us registering new domain names. Here's the flow: New client wants to register a new domain name They type in amazing.online We are reselling .online for about $50 The search tool shows that amazing.online is available and will charge the client $50/year (I have the Premium Domains option turned on in Domain Pricing) I did a quick search of amazing.online on Google Domains and see that it is a Premium Domain and is selling for $5,400/year. As a reseller if the customer went forward with the purchase I would be on the hook for $5,400 from my registrar. How does a reseller know if a domain is a Premium Domain to prevent this from happening? FutureX
  12. Hi @WHMCS John Thanks for the info. I did the recommendations but it still just fills in the field with the domain name and the user has to press Search. As a side note I'm abandoning the WHMCS cart pages and am using the WHMPress Cart plugins. Even though I'm hitting a bug right now I like that it's integrated with my main site. Thanks!
  13. I tried the recommendation. I already had data in the Product Short Description field but I changed it and re-saved but got the same error.
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