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  1. I noticed when a new user signs up as just a user like for my Affiliate program and not hosting or domain name, I don't get any kind of notification that they have signed up. Is there way to make WHMCS send a notification on a user creation only?
  2. OK thanks for the info! I was just making sure I wasn't missing something.
  3. When a client transfers a domain to me the nameserver doesn't automatically switch to my nameservers. I'm using ResellerClub. I can do it manually and that works fine but isn't it supposed to do it automatically on a transfer? Thanks!
  4. @websavers For some reason I'm not getting the amounts on Google Analytics. I get the number of purchases and what those purchases are for but no dollar amount. Any way to fix that? Thanks!
  5. OK great, so I've modified it to this: case 'viewcart': $event = 'add_to_cart'; $action = 'viewcart'; break; Just tested it and it works! Thanks!
  6. This is exactly what was looking for! I wasn't getting the view_item, etc to fire with the basic WHCMS setup. 😞 But the add_to_cart doesn't seem to fire, I don't get any hits on that one. I'm using the Lagom theme V2.1.2 Thanks!
  7. Perfect! Works great! Thank you so much for your help! All of these features should be built into WHMCS already.
  8. Yes! Works great! Is there any way to do the opposite when the cart is > $0? hide Mailin and only show Credit Card?
  9. You're welcome, your help is very much appreciated!
  10. I don't have any other payment method right now, but I can setup a PayPal account just for this. So if the cart total is $0 then the hook will switch the payment method to PayPal and then hide it? Sounds great.
  11. Thanks for the help! I added the new hook. The payment section hides except for the section title "Payment Method" I'm using the Lagom 2 theme. Total Due Today is $0, when I hit checkout it tries to run and then stops with no error message and no order completion.
  12. Hi Aladdin, I'm trying to do the exact same thing. My payment gateway is named "Credit Card" but when I use that in this line it doesn't do anything. I see in your code to "select payment method other than credit card" not sure what to do as I don't use PayPal. $v = "input[value='Credit Card']"; My product is set to $10 and I'm using a Promo Code with a $10 value so the cart is $0 Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info! I'm just testing various scenarios. I realize the second one I mentioned is 1 in a million :). It my head it would add to Plesk as a parked domain.
  14. Yes I see your point. If they are a new customer and do not purchase hosting then there would be no need for plesk. If that same customer then purchases hosting on a separate invoice the domain will show up in Plesk with the hosting package? Another random question: If I merge that first customer who just purchased a domain and no hosting with a customer that does have hosting will the domain show up in Plesk? I just did a test with this last scenario and the domain doesn't show up in Plesk. When I merged two client accounts in WHMCS. Thanks!
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