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  1. I found my problem. The callback currency comes from LKR which is why I have this problem. Is there a way to convert callback currency to USD? Like a code
  2. Did you mean, this? I have chosen it as LKR and then this problem of theirs comes up
  3. Yes, this problem does not occur if the profile is changed to LKR. Then when the exchange rates change the price of LKR in the profile does not change. It's a big problem. I googled a solution to it and searched for about 10 days but could not find it. I limited my registration to USD. Do you know the solution? I use the ipay.lk payment gateway in Sri Lanka
  4. My Payment Gateway only supports LKR Cash Client registration on my website is allowed in USD (not allowed in LKR) Product prices on my website are in USD. Therefore, from the Payment Gateway Settings, I have selected Convert To For Processing as LKR. After making the payment related to the payment gateway, the amount made in LKR will be invoiced in USD For example My site is priced at $ 2.94 with Web Hosting, which is 1097 LKR. if a payment of LKR 1097 is made, it will be noted on the invoice as USD 1097 That amount is deducted $ 2.94 and added to the account as a $ 1067 Credit Balance. This is a big problem for us See the invoice below Below is the Gateway Transaction Log Help us fix this Thanks everyone
  5. I have LKR currency in my whmcs. The price of our customers' product does not change when the currency is updated. We have to do it by hand every day I want to register new customers in dollars So I want to remove or hide the Choice Currency feature in Siderbar How to do it? I tried looking at a lot of posts on whmcs. But it did not work, that's why I ask Thanks everyone
  6. I hired someone to create a payment gateway module for my WHMCS website I'm afraid he's going to enter a php code and get our customers' details, email, phone numbers. Is it possible to commit such thefts through the whmcs Payment Gateway module? How can we protect our site from such a thing? Is there a way to test it once it is created? I will make a payment if it can be done
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