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  1. Hi there. I have 8.3 installed. I finally "upgraded" my owned license to a monthly one, and got my new license number. I then tried to upgrade to 8.5. The install never completed. Now every time I try to log into the /admin directory it redirects to the install directory where I get the following message. The version number in top right in blue box was 7.1 Previously on my install correctly identified my version as 8.3, but insisted that the current version was 7.1. Any ideas? Upgrade Your Installation We have detected that you are already running WHMCS Version 8.1.3. This installer script can only upgrade as far as 8.1.3 so there is no update to perform. Looking to perform a new installation? To do so, you must first drop all existing tables from your WHMCS database, then try running the installer again. (Warning: You will lose all existing data if you do this.) Copyright © WHMCS 2005-2022 www.whmcs.com
  2. Update: I followed the application link (in WHMCS) then clicked on configure (under cPanel), and disabled all options. That appears to of stopped the IP address flip flop. I can re activate them once I learn how to change the links.
  3. Hi there, This is not directly a WHMCS problem, but more cPanel, however there maybe a fix through WHMCS and someone here may have encountered it. Background to the problem: I had a reseller account at a web hosting company, when I moved from there to a VPS, I backed up the cPanel accounts and uploaded them to the VPS. I changed the IP address at the domain registrar and everything worked good. In the Billing and Support section of cPanel, all links still link back to the previous web hosting company. Problem: The DNS of 2 of the accounts often revert back to the previous IP address belonging to the previous web hosting company. It remains at that address for a while (during this time the url shows a 404 error and WHMCS is inaccessible). After a while the IP address reverts back to my VPS address and everything is now accessible. Question: Has any one else encountered this, and any ideas for the solution. I figure the links in the Billing and Support section maybe related to the constant changes in the IP address. Note: All of my domains are registered through a 3rd party domain reseller and not a web hosting company. ~ Steve
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