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  1. Here is a example. $apiuser = 'user_with_api_access'; $template = 'Name of Your Template'; $clientid = '100'; $action = 'sendemail'; $data = array('messagename'=>$template, 'id'=>$clientid); $result = localApi($action, $data, $apiuser); if ($result['result'] != 'success') { print 'ERROR: '.$results['result']; } else { print 'Mail sent successfully'; } One clinet have some registered users that can logged in his client area and manage his account,invoice etc. Now, I created a Custom module that send mail from custom tempalte. But here you can can see they send by $clientid only not by $userid. How can i use SendEmail Api to send mail to clinet associate registered users???
  2. First of all thank you all. Is there any documnetation for how to send custom template to Client Authorized user Email. #SendEmail only send mail to client id.
  3. Hello all, I am working on a addon module name currency converter. Now , I am convert currency usd to sar for all saudi arabia client everything change in developer site correctly . But my problem now in main client site without service addons everything change perfectly. But in developer site it's working fine. Is there anything i am missing for main client area in whmcs ??
  4. /* * QR Encoding Functions */ /* * QR Code */ $dataToEncode = [ [1, $companyname], [2, $taxCode], [3, $datecreated], [4, $totalPay], [5, $totalTax] ]; $__TLV = __getTLV($dataToEncode); $__QR = base64_encode($__TLV); $style = array( 'border' => 0, 'vpadding' => 'auto', 'hpadding' => 'auto', 'fgcolor' => array(0, 0, 0), 'bgcolor' => false, //array(255,255,255) 'module_width' => 1, // width of a single module in points 'module_height' => 1 // height of a single module in points ); $pdf->write2DBarcode($__QR, 'QRCODE,L', 155, $pdf->getY(), 30, 30, $style); /* * QR Code Function ends */ I was changes in invoicepdf.tpl file to generate qr in invoice pdf ...but client not accept this...he wants to use addons to call from outside this code and then generate qr both invoice pdf before download and after download invoice ..I am new in whmcs !! Please help me ....
  5. I need this well , please if you have any solution, let me know . Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone i am a developer and also new here 😊 I have a question for invoices with qr code generate related in zatca new rules in saudi. You can check this one also. https://zatca.gov.sa/en/E-Invoicing/SystemsDevelopers/Pages/default.aspx My question is that, How to generate Qr code on .tpl file?? Thanks in Advance😊
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