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  1. Hello, how can we force our Italian Customer to put their tax code while registering? It shouldn't be a feature already built into the program. If the customer is Italian (select Italy as the account) then he must enter the tax code. Best Regards
  2. La norma di riferimento è l’art 7 ter del DPR 633/1972 (legge iva italiana) che prevede al comma 1 lettera b) che nelle prestazioni di servizi si applica l’IVA italiana quando le prestazioni sono rese a committenti (clienti) non soggetti passivi (privati) da soggetti passivi stabiliti in Italia (il mio caso). L’attività che svolgo è una prestazione di servizi elettronici (e-commerce diretto). Quindi la regola è che si applica l’IVA italiana alle prestazioni rese ad un privato. Poi per le prestazioni rese ad un privato comunitario, si applica il sistema OSS che è un regime particolare che non vale per le prestazioni rese ad un privato extra UE per le quali vale la regola generale. Quindi ai privati extra UE si addebita l’Iva italiana Per i sevizi elettronici come i tuoi, fino al 2015 c’era una deroga alla regola generale posta dall’art. 7 septies lettera i) del DPR 633/1972 che prevedeva effettivamente che per le prestazioni rese ad un privato extra comunitario NON dovesse essere addebitata l’IVA italiana come dite voi @Remitur @Kian Ma nel 2015 la lettera i) dell’art. 7 septies è stato soppressa quindi si torna ad applicare la regola generale cioè si addebita l’iva italiana.
  3. I have added it in /includes/hooks with same permissions as the example file. There are no logs showing on the front end. Where should I look at?
  4. I am using AfterModuleCreate hook now. The question is if the first product is the last ordered product the hook should work. Can you confirm it? But how can i extract the exact value from the custom field?
  5. Hello everyone! I have found this hook on Github https://github.com/wolkenbauer/whmcs-cancelinvoice-hook and it seems to be not working. I reported that on GitHub on 11 Jun but no one replied to me. Maybe one of you can easily understand why it is not working? Code: <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('DailyCronJob',1,function($vars) { // // Change $overduedays to whatever you need. Default is cancel all invoices after being overdue for 90 days. // $overduedays=90; $invoices=Capsule::table("tblinvoices")->where("status","Unpaid")->where("duedate","<",date("Y-m-d",strtotime("-$overduedays days")))->get(); foreach($invoices as $invoice) { //use UpdateInvoice API Call for changing the status, otherwise the InvoiceCancelled hook will not trigger //and may affect other modules/apps which rely on this hook. $results = localAPI("UpdateInvoice",array("invoiceid"=>$invoice->id,"status"=>"Cancelled")); if ($results["result"]=="success") logactivity("[INVOICECANCELHOOK] has cancelled Invoice ID: $invoice->id automatically."); } }); //hook //process long pending orders the same way as overdue invoices add_hook('DailyCronJob',2,function($vars) { // As requested by someone, we can use this hook also for cancelling long pending orders (dead orders) // // Change $overduedays to whatever you need. Default is cancel all orders after pending for 14 days. // $overduedays=14; $orders=Capsule::table("tblorders")->where("status","Pending")->where("date","<",date("Y-m-d",strtotime("-$overduedays days")))->get(); foreach($orders as $order) { //use CancelOrder API Call for changing the status $results = localAPI("CancelOrder",array("id"=>$order->id,"status"=>"Cancelled")); if ($results["result"]=="success") logactivity("[ORDERCANCELHOOK] has cancelled Order ID: $order->id automatically."); } }); //hook Thank you!
  6. Hello, basically what I am doing is: - customer pays - order activated automatically (whmcs settings) - create module occurs - hooks called: - the hooks should collect the custom field and store it in a variable. What is the best way to do it. What would you reccomend. Should i use configurable options instead? Edit: btw if the first product is the last ordered product the hook should work. Can you confirm it? Thank you!
  7. Now it is not outputting nothing….What do you mean by “is not flexible”? I know exclusion the position and the name of the custom field.
  8. Thank you! it worked but I am getting hook has run. Posted Vars: Array ( [customfield] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 6 [name] => WhitelistedIP [translated_name] => WhitelistedIP [value] => ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 4 [name] => Additional White Listed IPs [translated_name] not the value of the WhitelistedIP option. How can I do that? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hello, I am doing $command = "GetProducts"; $values = array( 'pid' => '1', ); $results = localAPI($command, $values); print_r($results['products']['product']['0']['customfield']); logActivity("hook has run. Posted Vars: " . print_r($results['products']['product']['0']['customfield'], true)); It should give in logs the value of the customfield but it is not giving it (after the ":" nothing is being displayed)
  10. Hello! Thank you for sharing the code but unfortunately it is not working for me. Do you think this code is outdated?
  11. Buongiorno, ho nuovamente contattato commercialista. Vediamo….In tanto potrebbe dare un’occhiata al mio ultimo thread sul bollo? Grazie mille.
  12. Ma se è così complesso è difficile come è possibile che le altre attività hanno questa importazione (tipo Aruba).
  13. Un privato è tale se non inserisce la company name e non inserisce il vat number Una compagnia è tale se ha un nome in company e se ha inserito vat (se italiana) un professionista non inserisce company ma inserisce vat number e codice fiscale
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