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  1. Hello @Cubeboy. Yes you will need encoder for protect your product if I remember well. For example if I also remember correctly WHMCS use ionCube PHP Encoder. You can find ionCube PHP Encoder price here: https://www.ioncube.com/php_encoder.php?page=pricing
  2. Hello @LC.Marco. You can code simple PHP script where your vb.net program will send request with email:pass. php part <?php $email = $_GET['email']; $password = $_GET['password']; $db_host = "localhost"; $db_user = "DB_USER"; $db_pass = "DB_PASS"; $db_table = "DB_TABLE"; $db_connection = mysqli_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pass); mysqli_select_db($db_connection, $db_table); $result = mysqli_query($db_connection, "SELECT * FROM tblusers WHERE email='{$email}'"); if (mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { foreach ($result as $row) { $pass_in_db = $row['password']; if (password_verify($password, $pass_in_db)) { echo "User_Valid"; } else { echo "Bad_Password"; } } } else { echo "User_Invalid"; } ?> vb.net part Imports System.Net 'Login button code Dim LoginWebClient As New WebClient LoginWebClient.Proxy = New WebProxy 'Hide traffic from web debuggers like Fiddler, Charles etc Try Dim LoginResponse As String = LoginWebClient.DownloadString("URL_HERE/PHP_FILENAME_HERE.php?email=" + TextBox1.Text + "&password=" + TextBox2.Text) If (LoginResponse.Contains("User_Valid")) Then 'User data correct, do action ElseIf (LoginResponse.Contains("Bad_Password")) Then 'Bad password, do action ElseIf (LoginResponse.Contains("User_Invalid")) Then 'Invalid/Non existing account, do action End If Catch ex As Exception 'Exception, do action End Try If you will need more help and or have question feel free to add me on discord: Pinkmare#1337 I'm developer with over 16 years experience in programming
  3. Nice. Well done. I was using Lagom in past but I decided to switch to WordPress as main website and use Dark Twenty-One Theme for WHMCS. Modules Garden have some really cool modules. Anyways sir good luck with business and I wish you all the best
  4. Did you made it based on Lagom from RSStudio? Great work, I love dark themes, I use for my website always dark themes
  5. This will don't have effect needed for them. Solution: Navigate to Your_WHMCS_Folder->modules->servers->cpanel->templates and edit file "overview.tpl" For display Nameservers add code <div class="panel panel-default card mb-3" id=""> <div class="panel-heading card-header"> <h3 class="panel-title card-title m-0">Nameservers</h3> </div> <div class="panel-body card-body text-center"> Nameserver #1: {$serverdata.nameserver1} Nameserver #2: {$serverdata.nameserver2} </div> </div>
  6. Hello. Do you know if it is possible to make hook for grab chosen subdomain by customer during checkout or after invoice paid? What I want do: get subdomain and when invoice is paid add subdomain into CloudFlare via CloudFlare API Thank you for help
  7. Hello @(Amr). Thank you so much for help! I changed this. Thank you for help and your time
  8. Hello @(Amr). Thank you for answer. You are welcome, you did really good job. I know about this settings but I wanted to change "View Timezone" also to UTC Thank you for help and your time
  9. Hello @(Amr). Today I bought this theme and it is really amazing. I have just one question. How can I change default Timezone? The selected view is using a different timezone than your WHMCS timezone, which may cause inaccurate dates/values. View timezone : America/Los_Angeles WHMCS timezone : UTC
  10. Another quick fix for small bug where not logged in client is not redirected to the login page. Open file unblockip.php and find: if ($whmcs_client_id) { ...content } else { return false; } and remove this part of code: else { return false; } In result when not logged in client will try access unblockip, he will get redirect to the login page @edit Another small tip for everyone who use CloudFlare and have issues with showing not correct IP: Open "unblockip.tpl" and find: $smarty.server.REMOTE_ADDR replace with: $smarty.server.HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP
  11. Hello so module is working perfect. It don't show any message and don't works if client don't have any service. Sadly this module don't show any output when Client don't have active service. You can simply add in functions.php in function "process_request" below $servers = Capsule::table('tblservers')->select(["tblservers.ipaddress","tblservers.username","tblservers.password","tblservers.accesshash","tblservers.name","tblservers.secure","tblservers.type"])->join("tblhosting","tblservers.id","=","tblhosting.server")->where('tblhosting.userid', $whmcs_client_id)->whereRaw("(tblservers.type = 'cpanel' or tblservers.type='directadmin' or tblservers.type='cpanelextended') and tblservers.disabled = 0 and tblhosting.domainstatus = 'Active'")->distinct()->get(); this code if ($servers == "[]") { $errors = $errors . "You don't have any active service and you can't use this feature"; } and in result when client with inactive or without service will try use this module will get error provided
  12. Hello. Recently I was looking for some perfect anti DDoS solution for my service. Sadly CloudFlare have sick requirements if you want join to their partnership program or they want get paid for access. During checking their API i found that I can add records via their API. I wanted ask about some small help or tips where/how to start/add hook/function with one will automatically add "A" records to CloudFlare when my customers will select free subdomain during checkout. Thank you so much for help
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