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  1. So what I am trying to do is build an API to get this, currently using localAPI through domain.tld/api.php I have this separate from the WHMCS installation but I include init.php to be able to use some functionality Now the thing is that it doesn't seem to be able to get the WHMCS\Product\Product class using this method. Do you know how I can make it work like this without having to integrate it within my whmcs installation?
  2. Hello, I would like to get the module settings of a service through a localAPI request but I can't seem to find the right endpoint to do so. The one that I was thinking of `getClientsProducts` doesn't contain anything about module settings of that product. And also `getProducts` doesn't seem to contain anything about module settings. Does anyone know a way of achieving this? Thanks in advance, Dave
  3. Hell there, I am trying to create a configurable option where the higher the value of the slider, the more discount gets added. Does something like this exist already or is it something I can create myself? And how would this be able to do? Thanks in advance, Dave
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