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  1. OK what I mean is: - A user signs up an account via WHMCS with domain name xyz.com - WHMCS creates an account in WHMCS, an account in WHM - In the cPanel of xyz.com, it will create an email xyz@xyz.com Can this be done? I read that it can be done via a PHP commend or a query.
  2. Is it possible for WHMCS to auto create an email when it setup a new account?
  3. And I also did this: https://docs.whmcs.com/Blank_or_Partially_Rendered_Pages This part: I did first step, nothing happens. I checked template_c and they are all in the same location and they are CHMOD 755. So what else should I check?
  4. I need help here. My client's login page is suppose to have a "Forget password" function. However, when they click on the link: https://my.mydomain.com/pwreset.php It shows me a blank page. I have read and search online and I don't have an answer. Any help to diagnose this issue?
  5. My client tried to transfer his domain name to his Godaddy and the people at Godaddy said: "I show that your domain transfer is currently in the status of "Pending Unlock or Hold Release." You will need to unlock your domain at your current registrar for the transfer to process. Once this happens, the transfer will proceed automatically. You do not need to enter your transfer information again" I've checked at Directi console and I thought I have unlock it but the status is still lock. Anyway to help?
  6. My client has a domain name registered with me at Directi. Now he wants the domain name out of Directi to GoDaddy. So how do I do it? I understand that I need EPP or authentication code. That is required before I can transfer out. I saw Directi that there is "Domain Secret" code. Is that the one that I should give to my client? What are the exact steps to transfer a domain name out?
  7. Can't I create the Paypal subscription upon signing up?
  8. I am a little puzzled here but I hope that I don't sound stupid. How do I create Paypal subscription? I understand that WHMCS will automatically charge the monthly payment if it is a credit card payment. For paypal,what I see is that WHMCS will send an email to the client and ask them to pay every month due. But I prefer to have the client to create a Paypal subscription at the start. Is there a way to do it? I tried different config but I cannot get them to create a Paypal subscription. Am I missing something?
  9. When a client submits a new ticket or reply to a ticket, an email will be sent to a designated support guy. My support guy, that is.
  10. Hi, is there anyway to have an email alert sent to a specific email whenever there is an email update?
  11. Ah... OK I see it. Under the Others tab, there is this "Free Domain" Thanks!
  12. I would like to provide one month free hosting and free domain name for my client. I know I can do that via Promotion coupon but the coupon only gives either discount for domain name or hosting services. Not 2 together. Is there a way around it?
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