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  1. It is not presently possible to change the formatting of the subject from [Ticket ID: XXXXXX] format. It's hard coded in and necessary for the e-mail pipe to work properly.
  2. It's in the EULA: 1.18 “WHMCS Anonymous Usage Data” means all data collected by WHMCS in connection with the use of the Software by You or any Third Party Users, including (a) the licensed or unlicensed status of the Software; (b) the source from which the license for the Software was obtained; and (c) information about the hardware upon which the Software is installed including (i) the public IP address, (ii) the operating system, (iii) web server version, (iv) the use of any virtualization technologies on such server, and (v) data utilized to prevent and combat various server attacks by hackers or their hardware, including but not limited to assaults such as spam attacks, brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, phishing, pharming, and the like. Additionally, “WHMCS Anonymous Usage Data” may also include information collected by WHMCS from time to time concerning which features of the Software are most often used in order to improve and make adjustments to the Software, including, but not limited to the number of active modules, PHP version, mySQL version, installed PHP extensions, installed add-on modules, template utilization, and the number of active administrators, domains, servers, and active clients I can't say I disagree with you on their policy regarding Owned Licenses. It does seem a little underhanded, and hopefully they do reconsider it. Even if they raised the price of the Support and Updates rather than forcing you on to a new license entirely.
  3. The new prices are not unreasonable by any means. Those complaining need to weigh the value WHMCS provides to their business against the cost. If you have 900 active paying clients, $44.95/month should be a drop in the hat compared to the value it provides your business. If you have 900 active clients and can't afford that price, you should probably rethink your business model. If you're frugal and want to save money, by all means, go to ClientExec or Blesta or any of the other alternatives that are YEARS behind WHMCS in features and support. No one is ever going to be happy about paying more money, but WHMCS is a business. Again, you have the evaluate whether the alternatives, which severely lack in features compared to WHMCS, are worth saving a few bucks.
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