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  1. Hello Brian, How can I add my html on this page admin/invoices.php Can you tell me the hook name please Thanks
  2. Hello brian! if I want to develop any new module then How I can create it and after create how I can compile it? example I just open the admin/clientsummary.php and it showing me this code HR+cPvCwvjARDDpb4bboyK4cu4+1HoHmHhMKYvJ8cDk3B9fT4Hd0SmoKhV4nRacvlxkpB2gVIjTj mufB4nhWTWdrf+FzmJtG+lAGBPbaea+eHg8ceCiQVD74sb9KO0Cmfuo1CYj3ufnb4/vhPx/QCtEa Can you you tell me what is the ?
  3. Hi Everyone! I am new for whmcs, I am facing problem that Amount Text Box dont accepting comma in amount Like if I enter 1,200.00 in Amount Text Box its only insert the 1 in database (not inserting value after comma). Can anyone tell me how I can solve this problem ? Now I got source code of WHMCS, In code I found that amount is passing onclick event using jQuery below is the code onclick="window.location="?userid=230&action=addfunds&token=35b28f5a6539734cabc83ada6614c19181598268&addfundsamt=" + jQuery("#addfundsamt").val()+"&desc="+encodeURIComponent( jQuery("#desc").val() )" when I enter the 'addfundsamt' = 1,200.00 it inserting Only 1 Can anyone know How I can solve this problem ? If I edit the source code then How Can I compile this ? as WHMCS is encode the code Please help me to solve this problem Thanks,
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