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  1. Apologies, I mean is their module up to date with 8.1.3? It says 7.1.0 and newer on the page.... but I'd double check with them if it has reached 8.1.3 🙂 Its quite possibly the worst ever way to list compatibility as you'll get new users on the alpha... sorry I mean production 8.2 version of whmcs soon asking why the modules won't work @ModulesGarden may know more on the subject however
  2. You always seem an intelligent person on here, so please don't take this to be condescending - Did you update whmcs past their supported version? A few people did that at 8.x when WGS took forever and a day to get their modules up to date - I'm not overly familiar with that module so I'm no help but i've seen similar outputs when they just don't update the modules in a timely fashion and a tired whmcs user gets baffled 😛 1
  3. Apologies, my advice my be outdated then! Do you have any experience using it brian! And did you experience issues with it?
  4. This is the issue, the one that gets ignored. It can often be make or break point by the time they're in touch! Our system emails that get sent via whmcs list the issue to help negate that but it still happens
  5. There is a built in way to do it, the consensus of most is that it doesn't work as intended- when we did offer it that way we were always short changed, or having to offer refunds and apologisefor the shortcomings of our billing system... maybe that was just us though as whmcs suggested... us and everyone else who complained 🤣 What we did is create an entirely new product we could assign to them with corresponding limits, bit of a faff but it was more consistent! Fortunately we don't deal with end users anymore, except our legacy customers - most of our customers are resellers of our direct admin servers and even more are already on an alternate billing system - with the last 2300-ish hopefully migrated in the next few months!
  6. I wasn't aware of this module - so that's another thing added to whmcs 8.x that a 3rd party dev made 🤣 But I can confirm that is tawk needing a little bit of a tweak! I can't for the life of me remember what causes it, but I can break it and let you know if you don't sort it!
  7. Bit of a messy way to achieve it, no that's not the new whmcs tagline btw... 😉 You could, create a new cpanel product and allow them to upgrade to it - im not familiar with cpanel as we stopped using when... well there is no need to beat that dead horse is there! The configuration of packages has always been awful, within whmcs to the point you can create a client account and generate account credits with the right purchases/upgrades/cancellations - something that made us do extra hidden products instead and bill pro rata during upgrades. I'm told whenever this gets brought up it's deleted so hopefully you see it in time! 😀
  8. Yeah, even a temporary panic shouldn't be trusted. I've spoken to many who have done or are in the process of migration- people rightly feel hurt my the complete disregard of what you'd expect from WHMCS in regards to honouring promises that enabled them to get to where they are. I'm old enough to remember when it was almost begged for you to buy owned licenses. It was "to help them develop" and now they don't need those customers now. Shameful in my opinion but such is life! I don't see any value added in 8.2, I don't see any value in their support and I don't see why they should be trusted to provide services to us
  9. Depends, If they actually support the product to the degree in which they charge then it may improve. It's doubtful though when this morning was full of brian correcting whmcs staff posts to their customers! I see it being a bit of a train wreck if i'm totally honest! If customer sentiment is at rock bottom already, it won't take much to upset the apple cart for those remaining! People are going to rightly expect a higher degree of support - One that's always eluded the customerbase when you go direct to the support dept. We've gone from 8 to 1 license and that will stay until we've finished making something else compatible. When we do we'll release all our work for free to others in our position. I personally don't feel the trust is there anymore, nor do I see us being satisfied with coming here to help when we're paying drastically more purely for support However, for the many years of borrowing fixes and workarounds in here I'm truly greatful to the people who contributed to the community!
  10. It wasn't actually, well depends upon definition I suppose! It was a commonly raised issue that an update broke, We'd say it's something that needs fixing..... WHMCS see it as a custom job..... Good job it's nice and cheap..... oh... wait! 😛 It's not an essential thing, But certainly doesn't bode well imo - As I got a suspension for bringing up a 7 year response to an issue I won't say which..... But take your pick I suppose 😉
  11. They only shared with the development team in march - Only 5 years and 9 months to go and it'll be built into whmcs as a brand new and exciting featue 😛
  12. No wonder they've upped support costs, what are they going to do when you leave? The honeymoon period of relevant information on here will soon cease- I do hope for the user who opt to stay that they actually increase the support capability rather than sending users here at a faster rate than before and charging a premium for it! I have a friend who messaged me yesterday, with an issue that they asked him to post here- sure enough, a quick search and brian! To the rescue! Whilst it made me chuckle , it was for the wrong reasons entirely!
  13. I always renew at the same cost, Most of our suppliers do the same - I don't believe in jacking the prices up, the only fluctuation being exchange rates! I do of course change prices from time to time, but that affects new customers so it is exactly the logic I use 🙂
  14. Yeah, The features didn't appeal to me. They don't suit my clients, I don't really need to sell them more commission based products - Nor do I want to! I only have one whmcs install left now which has kept me busy - Logged in today to see I'd been told off 🙂
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