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  1. Free? HA they already announced intentions to charge when enough are hooked! It's poor overall! Even the abomination smarters made was better
  2. Imagine being a company for automation that requires manual intervention under the threat of defamation! @WHMCS John can you confirm if this is the case for us?
  3. As the manager of the "community" You've been quiet - yet I've seen you online numerous times. For those still on the fence, could you at least feign an interest? It's crazy you seem to be wilfully hiding away until it blows over

  4. whmup.com their announcements addon doesn't do quite what you need - but would be a good start! @WHMUp
  5. If they encourage reviews - then punish those who criticise.... they'd be dragged through court and slapped around (metaphorically) worse than the time they hadn't rinsed the webpros staff cars after washing them!
  6. They actively ask for it - they can't dictate your opinion or demand positive in the face of such controversial action! At the end of the day you are free to offer your honest opinion! If they ask you to and then attempt to punish you for doing so.... well lost customers is the least of their worries!
  7. I think they're hiding under their desk confused as to why everyone is angry! They're also probably inundated with abuse! A personal hobby I'm about to embark on - is sending subject data requests as they're legally obligated to correlate all my data upon my request and provide it..... and now is a REALLY convenient time to see what data they hold for me from the last however many years! Anyone who signed up as an individual is fine to also deliver a SAR - we know of at least 30 heading their way this week 🙂 A company, can't make one however as an employee of your own company you could if you've used your name at all!
  8. That is very interesting! I didn't realise he was desperately trying to rinse the restaurant world aswell! He is going to fail though, as our product will be far superior 😂 And he signs off on all releases? Then he is at fault for all the issues, pitchforks can be picked back up lads!
  9. I bet, if you found a piece of his clothing - you could have a sniffer dog locate which web pro owners hand he was last on!
  10. Still the ceo! He just has a hand up his bottom to make him speak and act now!
  11. Do you have any jobs available for people who aren't morally devoid and don't spend their work day hiding from a screen just ctl c/ctl v until hometime from underneaththe desk? I'd cost a lot less in tissues not being scared if replying 😁 Anyway, I'm probably out of the budget range. I just decided to jack up my prices.... all the best
  12. @AALayer if you ever want to sell your whmcs.design domain give me a shout! It'd be perfect for an up coming project! Basically an image hosting site, where people can upload their photos of infected genitals. For science. Mostly.
  13. It'll be mass-reporting in the hope some get removed! And what should it be? 😂 They'll be more concerned with reviews.... lots of newbies will check reviews before joining 🙂 I would be unable to support them in the future, due to having a sense of morality! 😛
  14. We're certainly considering it - at least 2 will be custom solutions! The rest will probably be one of the other pieces of software out there! I wouldn't trust WHMCS to screw me again once the community anger subsides!
  15. me me me me me piiiiiiiiick meeeeeeeeeee (Can I borrow a bit of cash there bear?)
  16. If he decided to, I would happily invest! I suppose it all depends upon him having a spare hour to whip one up! The real trouble would be making mistakes to keep us all on the line waiting for updates 🤣
  17. You sure it wasn't shock brought on by whmcs decision? 🤣 I'm joking of course whmcs legal team - wipe the sweat from your brow! Glad you're feeling better zitu!
  18. Hopefully see you on the cleaning aisle for a natter one day! @brian!
  19. Not much point in voting for it - I think webpros would put their hand into one of the WHMCS puppets, and start removing things desperately trying to maintain that revenue if that was implemented -I would tag one of the WHMCS staff and ask if it is indeed the case, as it's Sunday they're all probably washing the cars for the WebPros staff to try avoid redundancy.... as much as they deny the fact, we all know they have no control! When the priority support money and overall support cases drop - guess who goes first 🙂 Eventually, they'll move the few remaining staff members into a joint office with the other bits to minimise costs or just outsource it My advice to the staff, put a lot of effort into washing cars on a Sunday, we'll probably slip you a fiver tip when you want to do ours to make ends meet 🙂
  20. Yes, I feel like I know brian! Such a weird concept for an Internet stranger! However, I do feel he has more integrity than to continue helping whmcs as I don't think it was ever the intention! I think he was helping others and watching them get 💩 on at the same time
  21. Ahhhh - yeah it got cleared up! They have some cool stuff! Hopefully see them elsewhere soon! Along with WHMup!
  22. Great - they broke brian! I hope they're happy now! 😂
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