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  1. "Hey we listen, we may well ignore you and continue to hope you slap your wangs against belt sanders... but we do infact listen" - whoever had their hand up puppet John today!
  2. Delusional, drivel and insulting. If he truly believes that then I'm afraid he is out of touch! If he doesn't believe it... well he must be whipped by his masters at webpros
  3. I totally agree bear, 100% I truly do... but a crown of thorns or a potential toe stub in the future... I'm going to risk a sore toe 🤣 I do feel, the amount of developers showing interest is promising! Sure, it's a gamble but we know full well what's happening here so in my mind it's an easy choice
  4. I'll take open source over hidden code in future- this way an owned license would get more than 3 months of lifespan should another service try this! At least it can be patched in-house or with help from the community! Currently, there's owned license holders knowing full well a patch will be released within a month on the new pricing... citing a critical issue. Everyone will know its a *, but those on older versions unwilling to move will be forced to pay. The same will go for newer versions until this self hosted version feels like a dream and web pros charge even more and the hosting industry is dead! I get it is tough for those invested in the eco system - but do you think it'll improve? Do you think it'll stay the same? I'm giving Blesta a go, it'll be the last time I do trust a 3rd party - but let's face it- we've all gambled with lawsuits for long enough using WHMCS - none of us can honestly say what data goes where with our systems - nor can we be sure we're safe. Open source code is the only way forward for us now
  5. Well, open code - ability to have a conversation with the owner in discord and him talking openly about his philosophy in regard to the future of his company puts me at ease to some degree! You're right that there are no assurances, but at least with open code owned licenses have more than 3 months to prepare 🙂 And can choose to maintain it if it's possible for them! As a developer, I think you'd love it over there! Your sense of humor and devoted eye towards the smallest detail when making simple, effective tools would be much more at home there in my opinion! I do hope to see you there one day, For me on a morality level - I won't continue with WHMCS as a customer for longer than needed! The worst bit, it means they've taken money out of the hands of module developers as it's not just me moving... The discord is growing rapidly! Whilst I'm still adapting to it... I love it! I hope you give it a go!
  6. Yeah, it's a falsehood - they instantly stopped people from updating on owned licences knowing full well people would have pushed to update in the last 3 months before the changes. It's never going to feel "safe" to trust them again even if you did continue to pay the ransom. What they're doing is forcing people into paying! This is not a price change, it's price gouging and extortion in my opinion
  7. My thoughts, We can afford to stay - but why not invest that money into the ble*ta community. I'm going to have my modules I need built and then sell access - If they do well i'll then use the money to pay for development of requested things and hopefully accelerate to uptake! I'm 100% done paying to be lied to at every turn. The level of disrespect shown by the WHMCS staff shows they either don't care or can't help - either way.... It's not a good outlook for anyone who remains
  8. Well, smarters customers can't move, with smarters not understanding code themselves they won't move... as they recently got them to start selling the old insecure panel that's a big revenue stream secured! Whmcs will continue to profit massively from iptv sales (hopefully we'll see a similar thing to what happened to XC) There's the big companies- I don't care how big you get $45 to $1300 a month is a kick in the teeth. So they'll likely roll their own over the next 12 months The middle sized may swallow the costs Small companies will be afraid of any form of success. What this actually does, is shaft businesses and end users (price rises means the same for our customers if we stay) and possibly threatens jobs! As someone pointed out in a different thread - in the midst of a difficult time across the world. I am changing through principle, nobody is forced to however I'm interested in people's opinion that want to stay and what they think the future holds?
  9. Paying for modules to be developed works out at 3 months cost on a new platform - which we can also sell as a module to recoup money! I'm feeling mistreated by whmcs and I'd rather move myself!
  10. Considering it was 4.7 before - it's nice to see a reflection of their decision making!
  11. Blesa looks the one everyone is moving to across all my industry friends they feel the mass adoption will spark the interest in developers - whmcs global services Whmcs services And three other of the bigger names already in the process of converting their existing work to blsta so I can see a swing happening- I have bought one license so far and will buy one more when my first 3 services are minimised onto one billing platform. I was foolish to stay with whmcs so long, I wish I'd known they were just planning to shaft us with 3 months notice! I had an issue which I asked the owner of blesa about - he responded personally in half an hour to confirm what the community had said was true. Within a short period of time I feel at home there and I'm not looking back! I may still visit here to see people struggling with purposefully obfuscated code that's done as they move to a saas service where they can further tax their customers for the hard work on a per customer basis 👍
  12. Lol this gave me a good chuckle - the bad now outweighs the excellent... even with the increased invites on positive ending tickets! 2.4/5 is not a great look! Anyone know of any billboards for hire in Milton Keynes... I'd love to hire one 😛
  13. They genuinely have no idea - As they hire developers and then charge back/refuse to pay! They don't understand the code, hence why they send you to whmcs, or whoever they think they can blame! Your best best is to cut your losses and move on! Or charge back if it's possible and they can't fix! Don't fall for their lies of they need to send it from a different PP as they will just charge back when you're past the refund eligibility on original purchase! They are the most underhanded, disgraceful company out there! Second only to.... well we all know 😛
  14. Whmcs Smarters! Delightful bunch of stolen code resellers! They don't even understand the code they sell!
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