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  1. thats what i was gonna do, get a few customers, who want to buy my services, buy a VDS for a few months and see If i can get it to sustain itself.
  2. Hi, Thanks for this! What do you think the best thing to sell is? To get started?
  3. I meant before, sorry for the confusion 🙂
  4. I meant before, sorry. And what would you recommend to start off? I'm quite technically minded, so I would want to do something with technology.
  5. I think I am going to cancel WHMCS at the end of my 30day money-back guarantee and then try again when i have more money. I am thinking of selling game servers, which will be hard cause of all the other communities. And i understand thanks for the knowledge!
  6. Hi, Thanks for all the replies! Im very, very new to this (as you can tell). I always thought domains were the cheapest and best way to start out, but now I see not. Thanks for all the advice! 🙂
  7. Hi! I am new to WHMCS, and I was looking at something cheap to start selling(just to see if I can get anywhere) and I was wondering if anyone knew any cheap-ish, but profitable things to sell on WHMCS. I am quite technologically minded, so I'm not afraid to a challenge. If you have any ideas please say I'd love to hear them! Thanks! Kian
  8. What I meant was, I dont see why I have to pay for the domain and lose money with little profit. Is there any registrar with instead of it going WHMCS-My reseller account-registrar it goes WHMCS-registrar and any profits go onto my WHMCS? Then i dont get charged, the amount they pay on WHMCS goes straight to the registrar?
  9. Hi! I'm new to WHMCS and I wanted to sell domains on here, I never knew I had to pay to sell domains, and make very little profit back. I was wondering if I could buy my own nameservers, then sell domains on them via them instead of paying to sell them. I'm simply asking if i can host domains on WHMCS myself without paying another company for a minimum deposit. If this is possible please tell me how, I would be eternally grateful! Thanks, Kian
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