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  1. @BIGBUBBA Trust me they will not figure it out. I had to go to another module provider and have them configure it for me. But you can try these steps that worked for me. You want to turn off remote storage of any credit card information that is stored in quickbooks intuit website. try these steps and let me know if this helps. 1. Deactivate the quickbooks module from your whmcs panel payment gateway section. 2. Log into your developer.intuit.com account and then remove your app that you have configured for your business or account. 3. Then create a whole new app with your business name so that you get a new client ID, New Tokens and new Client secret 4. Then go back to whmcs and add the quickbooks gateway again and put in your new Client Id, Client secret , Access token and refresh token 5 Then test with known credit cards that were used in the past or have client try to make an order. This worked for me and let me know if this works for you. If it does not then I can give you the information of the provider that i purchased my quickboooks payment module from. This was a 2 month process from hell until this guy saved me. Good luck
  2. @chrisb2012 You are correct sir. I worked with them for over 2 months and they still had no idea wat the issue was. I told them that I purchased this module from YOU. Why should i have to run to Intuit to get you answers after i already stated that I opened a ticket with them and sent you exactly what they stated? It is a 3rd party module issue and they have to fix it. 30 emails and 60 skype messages and they never got it fixed. They were asking me questions about their sh*t. It was ridiculous.
  3. Hello Community I have been getting major errors with my quickbooks gateway module for weeks. The smarters team has not been able to fox these issues and its driving me crazy. Hope someone can help. I am getting the following errors when customers try to use a credit card to pay an invoice. Or try to order service from my whmcs billing website. UserID => 504 {"errors":[{"code":"PMT-4009","type":"resource_conflict","message":"Card already exists.","detail":"Existing Card id is 101149991742331501665863.","infoLink":"https://developer.intuit.com/v2/docs?redirectID=PayErrors"}]} Intuit Developer https://developer.intuit.com UserID => 128 Licenses Error:
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