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  1. Thank you for your suggestion will definitely will think the good part of your feedback.
  2. Yes I understand that. Learning is always in life but if there is something that someone there to guide will help people to do best yes. I have never said in any of my discussion that without payment someone has to do things. to know and learn full whmcs it take time and coding obviously. I was just looking what is the rates that are minimum and what are maximum to make the right WHMCS integrated Product selling site simple and crisp in model. community is for just sharing feelings and learn things where people get network and make something good out of it yes? Let's have a great time with new things tips and tricks.
  3. Developer team support include which features. Please do let us know as when i took the paid service integration, installation and configuration it has only done with the part what it should be as i was thinking that i will develop full fledge functioning hosting portal by whmcs but after everything done it come to know that apart from installation rest all things need to be done bye self. I ask what and which developer can help but when developer replied only header and footer can be changed with the additional price. I need to know where who can help out to design the full functioning hosting ecomm business where i get 0 touch for selling domain, vps and other services. Need assistance from developer community. can someone help what will be the charge and is it do able?
  4. is there someone who can help me out to make a right portal where i can sell my reseller club hosting package with certain part integration with whmcs billing and store cart part as per my main domain cloudtreez.com look and feel with the latest hosting solution provider.
  5. Ok if I do not use the flow host i could have the option with the default it come along with the whmcs installation, As we are paying regularly monthly charges how it fails the license registration part, As flow host is just a trial that i am using what i can do that's it. Regards, Mukesh
  6. OK, can you see mycloud.cloudtreez.com I am unable to edit the php file and confuse what to point where? guide me to mange all and how do i add the hook on the menu of the nave bar. Hope for your help appriciate. Regards, Mukesh.R
  7. apart from the client homepage how can i customize all the store pages with my own theme. can come one guide me and help out to do this?
  8. How do i redesign all the them including the store as I am not getting clue to do and make as look and feel of myself. can somebody help me out mycloud.cloudtreez.com Please see and suggest how to design all the pages. I am not a great developer. Thanks and regards. www.cloudtreez.com
  9. Good, Where do i get such templates, have you also edited he store page where you keep your product? Regards, Mukesh
  10. Hi, Need to change the outfit of my store page and other as i was able too change homepage but cannot find the option to change the store page layout can some one from team can let me know how do I do it.? Regards, Mukesh.R
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