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  1. Hello, I am trying to achieve this kind action buttons on my custom addon module. Not sure it is possible or the right way, but I want to pass `$addon.managementActions` to the product detail view from within my module. How can I achieve this?
  2. Found the issue. I was not passing 'adminusername'. I changed 'name' to 'adminusername' and that worked Not sure why though
  3. Hello experts, I am still learning the ropes of WHMCS development. I have this issue where I am trying to add a reply to tickets via the AddTicketReply API. I get a success message but no emails are sent to the customer. What am I missing? [ 'action' => 'AddTicketReply', 'ticketid' => $var->ticket_identifier, //(id in DB) 'email' => 'system@test.com', 'name' => 'sysmsg', 'message' => 'Hello', 'clientid' => $client_id, 'markdown' => true, 'noemail' => false, 'responsetype' => 'json', ];
  4. Hello, I am working on a custom hook and I find that just by adding an input field of type Tel, the country code is added by WHMCS. I am basically showing a modal from my hook if a condition is met. Now I am testing the example code on the IntlTelInput plugin website (https://intl-tel-input.com/node_modules/intl-tel-input/examples/gen/default-country-ip.html) $(document).ready(function(){ var input = document.querySelector("#phone"); window.intlTelInput(input, { initialCountry: "auto", geoIpLookup: function(callback) { $.get("https://ipinfo.io", function() {}, "jsonp").always(function(resp) { var countryCode = (resp && resp.country) ? resp.country : "us"; callback(countryCode); }); }, }); }); <input type="tel" id="phone"> But that's returning an error: I basically want to sow the local country code in the form. is there a way to achieve this? bearing in mind that I am not in the tpl file, just echoing a modal from my hook.
  5. My code was tested in version 8.1.0 of WHMCS. So I tested the same code in version 7.10 of WHMCS and it works as expected. Looks like 8.1.0 has a bug.
  6. I have an separate web app that lets users create tickets on WHMCS using the OpenTicket API (external). This works, but the owner is set to the client name for whom the ticket is created. $postfields = [ 'action' => 'OpenTicket', 'clientid' => $client_id, 'admin' => true, 'name' => 'Admin User', 'deptid' => '1', 'priority' => 'Medium', 'subject' => 'subject', 'message' => 'Example Message', 'responsetype' => 'json', ]; I want for the ticket to be created as an admin User. Am I missing something? PS: if i send same request using the Local API, it works perfectly.
  7. Adding Paragraphs using md breaks the formatting. Is there a work around to format support emails properly to allow paragraphs?
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