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  1. I have at least partially answered my own question as I just had a client receive a renewal invoice for an imported service.
  2. I have a number of clients who I first setup in WHM before installing WHMCS. I imported these hosting client packages into WHMCS. The system added a hosting product for them. I added service price, next due date, billing cycle etc. This product/service listing does not have an order associated with it though. It shows as Order #0 and returns an error when clicked. Furthermore, the renewal does not show as forecasted income. Four questions: Should they have an active order? If so, how do I do that at this point -- create a new product/service? Will the system invoice them if their order shows as Order #0 (assuming I have everything else setup)? Will the system then have an active order for them after renewal? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, I got an answer while waiting for my question to pass moderation.
  4. I provide hosting via two means -- self-serve and for clients we are first building sites for. My WHMCS is setup for the self-serve option, but I need to properly setup my site design clients. I provision hosting to start building their site, but I don't start billing them for hosting until the site is ready. The time this takes varies depending on the project/site. I can think of a number of ways to set this up and I am wondering which of the following is best: Provision in WHM and import them into WHMCS later. This seems less than ideal because I would rather client has full access from the beginning. Use the price override feature setting it to zero and changing it when their site is launched. This might be the way to go, I just don't know enough about how it works. Create free versions of each of my paid hosting opens and change/upgrade service when the site launched. This seems like a bit of a nuisance, but could be the best option depending on how it works. Anyone have any thoughts about which option is best -- whether one of the above three or another one?? Thanks, Bill.
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