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  1. I was only on the 15.95 package and got upgraded to 18.95, and it hurts 😄 I can't even imagine the pain and frustration that's going on for a lot of you guys. Obnoxious business practice to say at least.
  2. Amazing, and such quick response as well. Thank you so much, this was really appreciated 🙏
  3. You're a beast! It works like a charm. You deserve gold, glory and eternal happiness 👍
  4. Thank you for your valuable information. Like i said earlier, i don't use these forums much, and i'm to new here, so i just didn't know about this section at all since i thought the marketplace was the main arena for these kinds of things. Now i know. Thank you for clarifying. I'l go and put on some clothes and put out the boonfire i was planning to dance around this evening 😅
  5. If paying for a service through WHMCS isn't allowed, i just won't pay you. It's that simple. I don't want anyone to get in to any kind of problems due to a question/request like this. I thought that since there was a marketplace for WHMCS that there were some room for questions and requests like this. I'm to new when it comes to WHMCS, so i really don't know the correct way of doing this through these forums, and if i'm in the wrong here, i would appreciate if a mod gave me some suggestions when it comes to requesting and receiving coes like this, and if it's allowed. I've sent you my email address through DM, and thank you for aiding me with this issue.
  6. Want to get paid? 😅 I'm not a coder, and this would bring some huge challenges for me. If you don't mind helping me out with this, it would be appreciated. If not, i can gladly pay you for your services when it comes to achieve what i'm asking for, as long as you are including explinations on how (good to know for a rainy day - and if i have to repeat the process one day). Thank you for your time.
  7. Hello. I'm currently using a custom made price slider that points to set monthly product prices. A customer has the option to choose how much Ram they want for their service. I'm setting the prices and billing cycle for the Ram in the configurable options, and that's all fine and dandy, but the product monthly billing cycle is "interfering" with the general looks of the shopping cart. I want the product it self to be set at $0.00, and i want the configurable Ram option to control the monthly billing cycle. However, if i do this, the "Choose Billing Cycle" is still showing (even tho it's st as $0.00). Is it possible to remove this from the shopping cart on all products and services, and let the configurable option controll the billing cycle? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Perfect! Exactly what i needed. Thank you for your valuable information!
  9. Thank you for mentioning Hexonet. I've never heard of them before. I've made an account there to check them out, and their prices are actually 150nok for me. I won't make any profit on the domains, at least not for the time being, but it's more or less what other Norwegian hosts are taking for .no domains, so it's good enough to get the Norwegian customers i have on board with my hosting plans. I can't find any WHMCS module for Hexonet tho, and i'm somewhat unexperienced with pure API based automation and scripting, so well see how it goes 🙂
  10. Hello! I'm looking for a reseller registrar that supports ".no" domains. The cheapest registrars i've found cost around $35-$100+ per domain, which is really expensive and will not be accepted by Norwegian customers. Anyone has a good reseller registrar for .no domains? Suggestions would be appreciated. I'm also open to the idea to have a NorID module created for WHMCS to automate .no domain sales directly through NorID, but i have to complete their test, but i'm venting the idea to do so. So, if you have one, or if the price is right for a module like this, or if there is already one available, please contact me here. Thanks.
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