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  1. yep - can confirm it works. after a bit of back and forth until i gave evidence their module was over riding the default. To be honest the first few SH reps kept suggesting for to get my developer and that they didn't "use WHMCS" Annoyingly i spent $$ to bump my ticket to get an "average reply" At the same time i logged a ticket on their github for the module and their actual dev was super quick to fix FYI their github is @ https://github.com/SynergyWholesale/WHMCS-Domains-Module
  2. In Safari on iphone it tries to auto select it by default causing the dropdown Thanks ill check that -ill have to make a child theme correct? Thanks ill check out customising the order form Thanks trying to chase it with Synergy Wholesale but they arent being too helpful you are right! i found the URLS there didnt have https (a relic from times long past - as ive had this WHMCS installed for Many years) --- Also thankyou for the ticket response to the other issues identified One other thing i found after updating to 8.1 my pop cron wasnt working and appeared to have changed address as the suggested one, once i updated pop cron folder location it started working again - its just that during the install etc i wasnt advised this needed changing/ updating so how was i to know
  3. 10. clicking the links on the automation status page - /admin/automationstatus.php results in An error occurred while communicating message - see https://www.dropbox.com/s/d38uxk4k9teomhb/2021-01-12_00-56-50.png?dl=0
  4. 9. using the quick search , any time you click someone from the users section it results in the error - error communicating with server - see screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/kubyrxub36k26xz/2021-01-11_22-44-01.png?dl=0 choosing anyone from the clients section in the quick search works as does products - so looks specific to the users section in the quick search
  5. Ive gone through - and im not really that impressed with 8.1 after upgrading from 7.x . Someone (whmcs) really needs to go through and squash interface bugs - it feels untested. and sloppy which would result in lost sales no doubt.... please find my bug list / feedback below. Ill continue to give it a thorough test and add any i find. in a hope you can [polish this as its not a great user experience now... 1. client summary on mobile - /whmcs/admin/clientssummary.php?userid=659 a. defaults to input on client drop down, so you have to clse it every time same as on most client profile pages) - see https://www.dropbox.com/s/aja8egumfinfo0z/2021-01-11_15-25-05.png?dl=0 2. View invoice as admin via mobile eg https://www.dropbox.com/s/93suncz40eclqui/2021-01-11_15-26-28.png?dl=0 a. Drop down goes off screen b. buttons extens out side of box and doesnt look clean c. sub total overlap on mobile 3. Iphone incompatability with keychain password. When you go to admin settings area on iphone and it asks for password its incompatbile with using the iphone keychain password as it clashes and keeps suggesting a password rather then using one in keychain - its likely because you are using the button confirm and it thinks it trying to set a password not enter one that exists. 4. Footer in client area - language selector - see https://www.dropbox.com/s/67gf593c65krv2n/2021-01-11_15-31-49.png?dl=0 Uses US flag to denote english (bit odd for the rest of the world to have to select US flag) 5. order front end using twenty - one - Poor alignment of currency selector see https://www.dropbox.com/s/jlkq5e65kmti55m/2021-01-11_15-33-45.png?dl=0 6, poor alignment of additional domain fields labels - see https://www.dropbox.com/s/3up1j3dozreoh97/2021-01-11_15-35-36.png?dl=0 7. poor alugment of already registered button - see https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9sxj6rzi370w62/2021-01-11_15-37-09.png?dl=0 8. broken fields / display of DNS hosting / URL forwarding on domains with it enabled - see https://www.dropbox.com/s/ru77eqj66cbwnbd/2021-01-11_15-41-02.png?dl=0
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