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  1. Ah, thought menu.tpl was a default one. It's my sidebar for navigation. And in the submenu of "services" I want to show all productgroups with {foreach from=$productgroups item=productgroup}. But currently it's only working on the services page. I have heard of hooks but never really understood. Can u give me an example for this?
  2. Hello guys, how can i use variables such als $productgroups in menu.tpl. Because currently it's only working on services page. Thanks!
  3. Yes, got the same result there. With {debug} i got a version working: {foreach key=num item=invoice from=$invoices} {if $invoice.rawstatus eq 'unpaid'} ... {/if} {/foreach} But since it's in the header.tpl it won't show invoices on every .tpl page. So my question; How to i get the $invoices working in the header.tpl on other pages too?
  4. Hi, i wanted to filter unpaid invoices for a custom view on my clientareahome.tpl I tried the following code, but it won't show the unpaid ones. {foreach key=num item=invoice from=$invoices} {if $invoice.status eq 'Unpaid'} .... {/if} {/foreach}
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