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  1. WOW Brian! You contributed so much and you are not even in the hosting game? I will not waist my time on WHMCS again because we are leaving , but I would like to give a BIG thank-you here for all of your kind ,precious, free and better-than-WHMCS-support 's support
  2. right, another typical WHMCS it seems We have this issue as well NO welcome email is sent for add-on...... I have already known the answer if we issue ticket, so...no bother........ We are also on 8.1
  3. thank you again for these! I think it is time to have WHMCS alternative competitors coming up otherwise people just get lazier and lazier when life is too easy
  4. We also hate that when we search , INative clients do not show up until we have to "click" off button again seriously , what is wrong with WHMCS? seems going backward on every version
  5. Hi brian! now we really need a search bar like V7 😀 without so many useless clicks...
  6. great thanks again, I learned how to look it up for others now 🙂
  7. thanks for pointing that out Brian, that typo was my bad 🙂 do you happen to know that "ticketID" 's language string too? thanks!
  8. great thanks again man , so final hook for us, as a note here, is <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('TicketStatusChange', 1, function($vars) { if ($vars['status'] == "In Progress") { $ticketDetails = Capsule::table('tbltickets')->where('id', $vars['ticketid'])->first(['userid', 'tid', 'title']); // Email notification $EmailData = array( 'id' => $ticketDetails->userid, 'customtype' => 'general', 'customsubject' => ' [Ticket ID #' . $ticketDetails->tid . ']' . $ticketDetails->title. ' staus is changed ' . strtoupper(Lang::trans('supportticketsstatusinprogress')), 'custommessage' => 'Your ticket status has been changed to ' . Lang::trans('supportticketsstatusinprogress') ); localAPI('SendEmail', $EmailData); } });
  9. Hi Brian is there any way to make it show translated status so clients will see "in progress" in their own chosen language thanks again!
  10. Hi Community We do know Katamaze/WHMCS-Action-Hook-Factory 's hook about emailing clients when tickets status changed but the problems was that this hook even emails clients when we really type something on ticket to reply to client, clients will receive two emails, which is confuing is there anyway to let us only auto-email clients when ticket status changed to "in progress"? and also include ticket ID on email subject? email only no auto reply to ticket needed thanks <?php /** * Send Email & Add Reply on Ticket status change * * @package WHMCS * @copyright Katamaze * @link https://katamaze.com * @author Davide Mantenuto <info@katamaze.com> */ use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('TicketStatusChange', 1, function($vars) { $adminUsername = 'admin'; // The reply will be added by this Admin user. Set false to open the ticket using your own customer $ticketDetails = Capsule::table('tbltickets')->where('id', $vars['ticketid'])->first(['userid', 'tid', 'title']); // Email notification $EmailData = array( 'id' => $ticketDetails->userid, 'customtype' => 'general', 'customsubject' => $ticketDetails->title. ' Changed to ' . strtoupper($vars['status']) . ' [Ticket ID #' . $ticketDetails->tid . ']', 'custommessage' => 'Your ticket status has been changed to ' .$vars['status'] ); localAPI('SendEmail', $EmailData); // Ticket reply $TicketData = array( 'ticketid' => $vars['ticketid'], 'message' => $ticketDetails->title. ' Changed to ' . strtoupper($vars['status']) . ' [Ticket ID #' . $ticketDetails->tid . ']', 'clientid' => $userID, 'adminusername' => $adminUsername, ); localAPI('AddTicketReply', $TicketData); });
  11. Hi could I know that how to notify clients "only if" status is changed to "in progress" based on your script? We want to email clients about this "in progress "change only. Currently this script email clients about "replied" too which WHMCS has it already thanks again
  12. Hello We are on WHMCS 8.1 is there any way to let us notify clients about "ticket status change" with a email subject with ticket ID on it? It looked like none of above could achieve this purpose, thanks
  13. Hi Bidi It now showed some line and odds around logo like this
  14. right~~ still looking for a plugin/add-on to replace WHMCS 's tedious admin info bar
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