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  1. I am a newbie and this is the first time ever I am asking a question in this community. One of my friends just recently update his WHMCS to the latest version and suddenly he got a branding line before the footer area. In the previous version, he was able to remove that line by editing the footer.tpl file but in this version, he couldn't find it because now it's written in tags. (p and a) I found one jquery code mentioned below: $(document).ready(function() { $("p a").each(function(){ if( $(this).attr("href")=="http://www.whmcs.com/" ) { $(this).parent().hide(); } }); }); But I don't know either it's fine or where to put this one. Please guide and help how to remove it, as now in the client area it is visible to everyone now.
  2. SO I installed WHMCS into a subdirectory of Public_html. for example 123.com/123host Then I installed wordpress in the same directory as I may have incorrectly informed that was the way to do it. Everything in WHMCS works from the admin side. All the files are there. But my ClientArea doesn't come up anymore when you go to the 123.com/123host like it used to. WordPress changed the .htaccess file and neither would come up any more, yet it sort of booted up when it was called from 123.com in the web browser. I was advised to uninstall WordPress and put it in another directory or sub domain. Neither seemed to work. the .htaccess file has been altered numerous times as I've tried different things. I was hoping some one out there knew what the original .htaccess file said. Maybe I can fix mine and not have to reinstall the whole WHMCS program (I'm not sure that all the settings will be in the data base when I restore the old one?) It's probably not a lot of code, I just need the clientarea.php to actually boot up when you access the 123.com/123host directory on the public side. My experience with the .htaccess file is limited.
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