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  1. Hi, do you use v 7.7.1 ? is it safe to keep at v 7.7.1 ? or it is better to newest version ? thanks
  2. Hi, can you share what whmcs version do you use now ? thanks
  3. Hi, does you use v7.7.1 and work well ? thanks
  4. Hi, because i want to offer discount for some people only, so,i think to apply ?promocode=xxxxxxx on the url , by the way,they can get the special discount when making order directly. but i do hope any one know there is a special coupon code there. thank you.
  5. Hi, i hope client do not know the coupon code, is it possible i set a link to redirect to http://example.com/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=1?promocode=xxxxxxx , and client can only find the url as http://example.com/whmcs/cart.php?a=add&pid=1 or http://example.com/whmcs/cart.php without the promocode=xxxxxxx ? thank you.
  6. Hi, the product link is mydomain/cart.php?a=add&pid=xxx , i know i can hide it from "Edit Product", but if people try to browse the link, they can still view the product, is it possible any way only let certain clients can buy the product ? thank you.
  7. Hi, can it work well with newest whmcs v8.1 ? thank you.
  8. Hi, i test on chrome,it seems works, and i remove all the files under templates_c well, and i test with Incognito Window on firefox,i think it has no template cache and cookies. thank you.
  9. Hi, my old version is 7.5 and user can login well on firefox. yesterday,i upgrade my whmcs to 8.1.3 on dev, and i find a strange issue, when i use firefox to browse it, no matter how i type the mailbox and password, it stay on the login box, but when i go to admin, it shows the user ever logined,but it has no ip. is it possible any issue ? thank you.
  10. Hi, by default,is "Tick this box to send Monthly Referrals Reports to Affiliates on the 1st of each month" checked ? or un-checked ? when upgrading,will this setting be changed ? thank you.
  11. Hi, about the affiliate monthly notify mail , can i disable ? thank you.
  12. Hi, now,whmcs has "Client Group" feature, but it means one client can only be assigned to certain one Client Group. does whmcs or other plugin can use many tags feature for certain one client ? by the way,i can list the clients with certain one tag(feature) and only send mails to them. thank you.
  13. Hi, does whmcs support child template now ? because i made many modify on my whmcs locally, when upgrading whmcs, i need take time to modify them again, i want to ask if whmcs support child template now? thank you.
  14. Hi, for insstance,i ask client to type ID number when signup, i hope admin can see the full number at admin area (ex: 1234567890), but client can only some numbers and others be marked as * (ex: 12*****8**), is it possible use any way to make it ? thank you.
  15. Hi, now,only when clients submit ticket, thier ip will be record on begin. but when they reply ticket, it will not be recorded on ticket any more, how can i add/show their ip on each time's reply ? thanks
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