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  1. rugg

    ref. from,for the ticket

    Hi, i may pub my submit ticket page link on different sites, i want to ask if i can insert the "ref. from" into the ticket's message content or admin private area when client submit ticket ? by the way,i can know where is ticket be submit from. thank you.
  2. Hi, today,when daily cron run, admin do not get notify mails. but clients can get. it try to check with ticket, client can get notify mail but admin still can not get it, is it possible any reason make it ? thanks
  3. Hi, i use enom for domain registering mainly, some extensions,i hope to transfer to other registrar. when client make payment, my whmcs will renew them automatically, i want to ask if any way i can avoid my whmcs renew those extension(ex: .net or .org) automatically ? by the way,when i find the domain renew fee had be paid without renew, i can manually transfer the domain to other registrar. thanks
  4. rugg

    do you use any addon ?

    Hi, you may think whmcs does not include some features well, and you install some addons to improve it.such as csf ip unblock, do you mind sharing what addons do you use ? thanks
  5. Hi, had anyone still use the addon on whmcs 7.5.1 well ? thanks
  6. Hi, i think to offer 7 days trial for hosting before payment, i think to make some verify via sms or mail verify, do you have any idea about it ? thanks
  7. Hi, do you mean days ago,the 7.5.1 does not include the file /admin/todolist.php, only losing the one file, and it had be added into 7.5.1 well,correct ? thanks
  8. Hi, no,my question is, should i download the full whmcs 7.5.1 and re-upload all the files to my whmcs server manually again ? thanks
  9. Hi, i get the same issue after i upload the file manually to fix it. i want to ask, because i use whmcs admin upgrade button to upgrade, will it lose some files without update as todolist.php ? should i download the full whmcs 7.5.1 and re-upload them to my server manually again ? thanks
  10. Hi, if i set grace period as 30 days, and i make the invoice as cancelled around 20 days after invoice expired day, will the domain renew line be removed after 30 days ? or it only check/remove active invoice's line ? thanks
  11. Hi, thanks for you link.but i have a question, if i hope whmcs do not remove the domain line from invoice no matter even the domain over the grace period, is it possible ? thanks
  12. Hello, 1. both expire date and due date are 2018/05/26,and the cron run on 5/27 morning. 2. i never set them,is it new feature at v7.5.1 ? do yo mean whmcs/admin/configdomains.php ? thanks
  13. Hi, i have a issue. one invoice include both hosting and domain, today,i find the invoice leave only the hosting item, and the domain lost. i check the log, the cronjob record it "Removed Domain Renewal Line Item - Invoice ID: 11111 - Domain: xxxx.com", but i never get such issue, i want to ask if any misconfig with it? im not sure if it is related with i upgrade from 6.4.1 to 7.5.1. thanks
  14. Hi, i want to download the two table, both tblinvoiceitems and tblinvoices . what i do now is go to phpmyadmin >> select one table >> export, and choose CSV with "Put columns names in the first row". i want to ask if any script or command that i can use, and it can backup as tblinvoiceitems-date-time.csv and store on certain folder, such as tblinvoiceitems-20180220-112420.csv, is it possible ? thanks alot.
  15. Hi, i think you may mis-understand my question. i hope the package can only use my sub domain, and the package can not be ordered with their own domain,no matter new register/transfered or no self-provider. is it possible ? thanks

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