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  1. Solution found. You have to do migration as seen here: https://support.stripe.com/contact/email?topic=migrations (You have to login to view this contact form) So 2 Stripe accounts, request outgoing migration in account A, request incoming migration in account B, stripe will do the rest. I did that, and it works. All subscriptions were transferred.
  2. Found the solution, I have to apply for data migration from old to new Stripe account: https://support.stripe.com/contact/email?topic=migrations You have to login before going to the above link.
  3. I'm currently running WHMCS and all the payments are processed by a Stripe account. I want to change the processor to another Stripe account. ie. another Stripe login. The question is, for all those under subscription in my hosting account, at which point is the recurring charge initiated? Is the recurring charge initiated by WHMCS? Or by Stripe? If the recurring is initiated by WHMCS, I believe it's easy for me as I just need to change the API. If the recurring is initiated by Stripe, I would have an issue. Anyone knows?
  4. I have upgraded to a dedicated server and I have been given a new IP. So I have to login to WHMCS to update. But I can't login. So I go for password reset. I resent the password but I have NEVER receive a single email from WHMCS for past one hour. Any help? I need to access my WHMCS dashboard now and I can't get it done! Can anyone message me directly to help?
  5. I got this message from Stripe: "Unfortunately, your business isn’t eligible to use Stripe because it doesn't meet our Terms of Service." I think it's a mistake from Stripe and I've contacted them. Waiting for their reply. But I'll like to ask a few things from the community: - Is Stripe OK for web hosting? - Have anyone received this message and got their account back? If so how do you do it? - Any recommended alternative payment processor? Not PayPal please. :) Thanks for any help from the community!
  6. I'm using Six template. My client tried to make payment for renewal but received an error of "Remote error. Please contact support" I check the gateway log and I see: UserID => 28 message => An unexpected error - No Stripe Payment Method found from token token => Any solutions?
  7. Hi, how do you fix this? Where to you put https://js.stripe.com?
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