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  1. I am using the new twenty-one theme, and I haven't tried modifying much. I don't have a specific contact WP page as the form is just on my home page, and I don't think it would be user friendly to keep throwing them from page to page (to access my billing you have to click the link on my WP site and it opens in a new tab). So I would either want to use sendinblue (I will look at the smtp) or just disable it all together (I can't see a reason for it to exist to be honest). Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello, I currently use Sendinblue for a contact form on a different site (non WHMCS). I would like to use my same Sendinblue account for emails on my WHMCS account, as opposed to using phpmail. If that isn't possible, then if anybody knows a way to disable the contact form entirely and leave a message telling users to use the form on my Wordpress installation (WHMCS isn't my frontend, I just use it to handle billing)
  3. Wow, I sure feel dumb for trying to stick the hooks into my template folder. Thanks for the help, it's working perfectly now. I actually got the code to remove the items from a post/reply you made quite a while back.
  4. That hasn't worked, I am wondering if I have this file in the correct place, or maybe I need to reset my WHMCS installations cache so it updates? I am placing that in a file named "navbar.php" within templatename/includes/hook(s)/navbar.php I tried the word "hook" and "hooks" with no success.
  5. Hello, I am trying to remove the menu items such as "Announcements" and "Knowledgebase" from my navbar. I don't use WHMCS for the front of my site and I basically give it to my customers so I can bill them (therefore I want to disable as much unnecessary stuff as possible). I cannot see anywhere to do this in the admin panel, and searching on Google found solutions to this issue which involve hooks. I have tried to implement these in a custom template under includes/hook but it doesn't seem to work. I don't know if the community posts I looked at were just out dated and the solution has changed, or if I am doing something wrong. So I thought I would create an account and ask myself. Thanks for any help!
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