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  1. i treid and didn't work it give this as value = "Array " how can i use it ? $service_config_options_operatingsystem $service_config_options.8 $service_config_options_8 $service_config_options[8] non works.
  2. The question is simple When i send to client email on the order they get there server info like user , pass , due , date i have a Configurable Option called " Operating system " Here how it looks : I want to print the value the user enter and show in email like following Your Server IP: {$service_dedicated_ip} Password : {$service_password} Your OS : XXXXX how can i call the Configurable Option? i tried a lot like $service_custom_fields_OperatingSystem $client_custom_fields_OperatingSystem $OperatingSystem Appreciate any help
  3. I really appreciate your effort and spending time to help me out! thanks. but sadly it didn't work there no effect happens i made a file at /includes/hooks "Emails.php" and added a hook you provide and tried changing names small to capital,etc. but no luck so I will provide you with more screenshots of the settings you may notice something This the configurable field ( Operating system ) This field from product settings This email setting all I want if the user to choose " Window-server2019" or 2016 or 2012 it provides him the static password if not then the module will generate the password. Thanks for your effort. will wait for your answer
  4. Hello, i hope someone help me out with this just need to customize my fields. i have the dropdown option on my product for the Operating system to let client choose what OS The problem here windows os has a static pass "123123" so i want to custom the email if the client chooses windows he will get a message telling him this pass cause it's not dynamic i have the field build using configurable options so i want something like that ( it's not code just an example ) IF custom_field_operatingsystem = windows-server-2019 [ your password: 123123 else [ Your password : $whmcs.module.password ] can someone give me this line ? Thanks
  5. Sadly it's not compatible with 8.5 so i'm looking for some one sharing some steps how to solve it without contact dev ( cause i can't reach him atm)
  6. After WHMCS 8.5 my Your Active Products/Services is broken it does not list the active products in my logs Smarty Error: Default handler: No template default content for 'file:MyTheme/includes/active-products-services-item.tpl' - i found active-products-services-item.tpl file in Six template so i copied it to my template and it's showing active products but not showing correctly so I guess whmcs 8.5 changed how this panel works i need to know what file that asks to use active-products-services-item.tpl so i can remove it and use my old style i appreciate any help or any workaround
  7. i have a weird problem that happen every day to my clients and i can't fix it , i tried to Reinstall WHMCS and still same issue! After client place order and paid , after few days / weeks client contact me telling me " This account is no longer active " After checking logs everything else i found there no Invoices need to paid or over due everything seems okay but i still don't understand why. i have attached some images of a client account have the problem Client chat : from here i need to change client status Invoices : Logs ( there nothing show that account set to closed ) System Automation Settings : i read all WHMCS docs about client status, but still can't figure out how to fix this, i just don't want system to mark accounts as closed for any reason. any help please?
  8. none, there no errors at all it's just balance widget won't show up , it was working from months ago and i made 2 fresh install and i'm on last whmcs update, and still not working.
  9. Stripe balance widget won't show up , even Payment gateway work super fine! , i use whmcs 8.4 and i tried fresh install still not work / tried generate new Secret key / publish key from stripe and still not showing up
  10. wondering if this hard i don't like whmcs login page ( Even using themes) so i have this login page https://niftytheme-application-host.netlify.app/login.html i want my users Login & Register from it. when they Enter email and password. they automatic redirect to WHMCS Client area ( logged in ) so they don't use whmcs login page same thing for Signup when they make account they automatic redirect and logged in i know i can do this for login from integration code at whmcs dashboard . but i don't know about register i asked some devs they asked me to pay 50$ some asked for 300$ !!!!!!!!, so wondering what is so hard?
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