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  1. Unluckly, the registrar module manages all the TLDs the same, so even if it's not working the user is still be able to access. Any way to remove the item from the menu using some kind of hook?
  2. Problem: few TLDs (i.e. .es) does not allow direct modification of registrant contact data; but in WHMCS also for these domains there's the standard "contact information" page in domain management page. So it happens that the user try to do it, but it doesn't work... There's any way to remove this menu item for given TLDs? Or having a pop up to warn the user to open a ticket for this kind of operation?
  3. About db managing using capsule I googled around quite deeply, but was able to found just trivial examples... so I have an issue I can't find a way to fix. So, i.e., I understand that with this: $domain5 = Capsule::table('tbldomains')->where('status', '=', 'Active')->select('id', 'domain')->first(); I can retrieve from db the first active domain, and with $domain5-> id I can retrieve its id , and so on... And with: $domain5 = Capsule::table('tbldomains')->where('status', '=', 'Active')->select('id', 'domain')->get(); I should retrieve all the active domains but... how to retrieve the data of every single domain? I tried (unsuccessfully) to var_export($domain5) and var_dump($domain5) to analyze the structure and understand how to retrieve single fields of every record, but it doesn't work... So, what are the right methods to do it?! 🤔
  4. Hello. It happens that few TLDs need to be renewed days before their expiration... I.e. .es domains need to be renewed at least one week before expire date. So, i.e.: a .es domain registered 15/5/22 will expire 15/2/23, but it will be necessary to renew it before 08/02/23. If it's not renewed, the domain on 09/02/23 will go in redemption mode, and renewal will be much more expensive. But I can't find any way to manage this with WHMCS... Even if I set "expiry date" as 15/2/23 and "next due date" as 08/02/23, it happens that WHMCS does not manage redemption correctly, and so a user will be able to process the renew after 08/02/23 paying just the standard fee... And setting "expire date" as 08/02/23 does not work: the system will correct it automatically during usual domain synch... Any idea?
  5. Does exist any way to use a custom theme just for specific pages? I would like to use a custom theme for number of custom front-end pages, but would also like to use standard six theme So, i.e.; /knowledgebase.php -> custom theme /contact.php -> custom theme /index.php -> custom theme /clientarea.php -> six /submitticket.php -> six etc. (Working on session is not possible because the very same logged user would require to use custom them if he is visiting knowledgebase.php, and six in clientarea.php ... ) Any idea?
  6. I would like a single page being loaded using a different theme. I know it's somehow possible, because there's a hook by ModulesGarden ( https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/geolocation-hook ) that already do it (switching the theme according the language set). I tried to dig into ModulesGarden's code (this hook is provided as source), but it's far beyond my capabilities, and I went lost... 😞 I just saw that also @MrGettingRatherFrustrated has a similar issue (he would like to switch language and currency), and also him went lost in digging ModulesGarden's code... So I realized that also WHMCS documentation is very poor about this: it seems that - somehow - it's possible in a hook to re-set system variables defining template, currency and language, but there's no "how to" about... 😞 Any idea on how to do it?
  7. I have a quite similar need (I would like to set a different theme on just few custom pages). I also digged in that code, hoping to find the way to do it, and went lost... 😞
  8. I met following issue, using different registrar modules, so I guess it's an issue of WHMCS itself... When a user register a domain, and the registration does not complete for any reason (insufficient funds, or some kind of error iduring registration, or whatever...) the domain is marked as "active". This is misleading for the user ("Why my domain is active but it does not work?!?"), but also for us (having it marked in admin area as "pending" or "pending registration" would make everything easier...) So I'm here to ask: any trick in order to mark a domain as "pending registration" whenever an error occurs during registration process?
  9. You got it!!!!! Thanks! (But why WHMCS configuration parameters are randomly scattered around?!?!?!?! 😮 )
  10. The issue, AFAIK, there's on any WHMCS version: in client area, in /index.php?rp=/account/paymentmethods/xxx a "delete" button does not exist, so the user is simply not able to delete a recorded credit card... (I've tested both 7.10.2 and 8.0.4 ... same issue on both version)
  11. Using Stripe (or any other token-based gateway), few data of client's credit card are recorded (last 4 numbers, expire date) The user can edit this data, but is not able to delete it (only in admin area it's possible to delete it... so the user should open a ticket, asking for deleting these data, and admin should delete it manually... time consuming and annoying) An API to delete a recorded credit card does exist: DeletePayMethod ( https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/deletepaymethod/ ) So, a fix should be: add a button "Delete" in client area in /index.php/account/paymentmethods/1234 this button calls the DeletePaymethod API My issue: how to insert such a button in this page?!?!?! please help!
  12. Nope, a dispute is not necessary. Registrant just needs to prove his identity to Registrar, and the Registrar is required to give him some way to manage his domain. Every TLD and every Registry have his own rules, but check i.e. ICANN rules about common gTLD: ruled obligations are between registrar and registrant, the reseller may stay in the middle, but if he disappears registrar and registrant have direct intercourse. I.e. about Publicdomainregistry (Directi): registrant just need to go to this page: https://publicdomainregistry.com/compliance/ and compile the form to get in touch with Registrar and get the control of his domain. And EVERY Registrar on this planet have some kind of procedure like this.
  13. In /assets/img/tld_logos there're a lot of .png files with various TLD logos. To use them in different pages (also outside of WHMCS), I would like to make them accessible by a different, shorter and easier to remeber URL, such as /tld_logos/ So I tried to insert in .htaccess following command: Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^tld_logos/(.*)$ https://mywhmcsdomain.com/assets/img/tld_logos/$1 [R=301,L] but it doesn't work, and trying to access (i.e.) mywhmcsdomain/tldlogos/blog.png I'm getting just a 404 error ... 😞 In .htaccess there're just the "standard" WHMCS commands: ### BEGIN - WHMCS managed rules - DO NOT EDIT BETWEEN WHMCS MARKERS ### <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine on # RewriteBase is set to "/" so rules do not need updating if the # installation directory is relocated. It is imperative that # there is also a RewriteCond rule later that can effectively get # the actual value by comparison against the request URI. # # If there are _any_ other RewriteBase directives in this file, # the last entry will take precedence! RewriteBase / # Redirect directories to an address with slash RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d RewriteRule ^(.+[^/])$ $1/ [R] # Send all remaining (routable paths) through index.php RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d # Determine and use the actual base RewriteCond $0#%{REQUEST_URI} ([^#]*)#(.*)\1$ RewriteRule ^.*$ %2index.php [QSA,L] </IfModule> ### END - WHMCS managed rules - DO NOT EDIT BETWEEN WHMCS MARKERS ### What am I doing wrong?
  14. So, no ready solution "off the shelf" is available from WHMCS, and the function requires to be implemented by custom code... 🙄
  15. There's a number of TLD that, when transferred, do not renew (as it happens, instead, with .com domain). I.e. .co.uk domains: when you transfer a .co.uk, the expiring date remain the same. But in WHMCS there's an issue about this; and, having met with very same issue with a number of different registrar module, I guess that it's a WHMCS issue, and not a registrar's module issue. Follow me: 1/5/21: user issue a domain transfer order for a example.co.uk; current expiring date is 1/7/21 user pays nothing: .co.uk domain transfer is free of charge WHMCS issue an invoice, "Domain Transfer - example.co.uk - 1 Year/s (01/05/2021 - 01/05/2022) - € 0.00" 2/5/21: transfer is completed; expiring date is 1/7/21, "next due date" is 01/05/2022 So, AFAIK just two ways to manage this: if you set transfer price to zero, you'll need to explain to the user that the invoice is wrong if you decide to include a one year renewal with domain transfer, when transfer is complete you'll need to process a domain renewal manually Both of them are misleading and definitely a mess... Am I missing something about this, or maybe there's any trick I don't know? How do you manage this issue?
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