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  1. If you mean for mobile number, there is no restriction. But I don't know India data rules about whatsapp!
  2. Never mind, I found a solution: https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/domain-orders-extended
  3. Well Brian, do you have any hook to make it possible? Thanks man!
  4. WA module will add additional notification for your clients using Whatsapp Messenger. Module source code is unencrypted. Feel free to view and open possibility to self-customize. Some notifications which are currently available: Login Alert Password Reset Invoice Information Payment Confirmation Payment Reminder & Overdue Notification Invoice Cancellation Service Activation, Suspension, Reactivation and Termination New Client Registration/Greeting Ticket Notification to client and admin/support team Account Anniversary Additional capabilities: Notification when Mobile Phone used for notification is offline Reminder to recharge if battery is low Autoreply (if not using WA Business) Separate autoreply message template for unsubscribe keyword Forward incoming message to another Whatsapp number Notification Template can be set for dual language (for local language and general/english) NEW! Send Invoice PDF to your client's Whatsapp (optional add-on) API Call to send Whatsapp Message from other application Available in two modes: Realtime (using remote SQL), or Pooling mode (can be used without remote SQL) Compatible with WHMCS v7.10, v8.0 and 8.1 WHMCS Whatsapp Notification Module - Developed By BUANA dotnet
  5. Knock knock!! Finally Fixed in WHMCS 8.1.0 Beta 🤩😍 Thanks everyone for making WHMCS fix this 💝
  6. Guys, does anyone of you know a hook to delete users when deleting clients? Last night some spammers created more than 50 accounts on my whmcs, I did deleted created clients but now I stare at those users with no delete button. And I don't want to touch DB! Last time my DB corrupted, I prefer a hook or a better permanent solution by WHMCS!
  7. Hello, I'm using multi currency in my WHMCS and I need to exclude some products' price from being updated but other products are okay to update. So is there any hooks, plugin, module that can do the job?! I also appreciate anyone who can help me with this challange <3 Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone, Exactly I came here for a solution to remove users but no luck, What kind of logic is behind it to not deleting users????!! I can delete them from DB but why WHMCS does not put delete button in managment area?????? Oh man this is so bad so bad 😞
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