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  1. Thanks @brian! That helped me a lot. I was able to get the information from user, client and admin. Now I have to tweak it a little bit depending on each situation. I'll be here with other doubts for sure 馃ぃ
  2. Hi @WHMCS John If and admin uses the function "Login as Owner" is it possible to know from client panel that admin's name, so I can add that informaci贸n in the header, such as: "Admin: Maira" 驴How do I get it? "User: xxxxx" 驴How do I get it? "Account: yyyyy" I get it with {$client->firstname} On the other hand, as you can see in my previus post with "you are managing: Cristinaa", I've placed a "Change account" icon. In case the user only has one account that icon shouldn't be shown. Couldn't find how to check for that. are there any docs for v8 version?
  3. There is no way to perform the check before registration? so I can explain them the situation in that moment, and tell them to go to the login form?
  4. I've opened a support ticket but they sent me over here: I need to validate duplicated customers on registration/edition. The field being checked is the tax_id When a customers registers from client area, if they place an existing tax_id they should be warned, and registration not completed, giving them the chance to select other tax id, or login with the existing client. In admin area, it should warn the employee or admin, if they are changing the tax_id of and existing client, if the new tax id they are adding already exists. Or alert them the same, when adding a new customer. I'm using ClientDetailsValidation hook. My question is how can I know with the ClientDetailsValidation function, if the action is an edition or creation of a client. Or what can I use to check that, when using ClientDetailsValidation. In the support ticket they answered this: And this is what I found out: 1)In Versi贸n 8.0 RC2, the client email is not unique. I've create two customers with the same address. The user email it's unique. As users can edit the email address separately from Account addresss, it can happen that a user email is no longer the account email. If a different email is left in account, a new customer can be created with an existing email. 2) In case this address is unique (which is not), that doesn't mean the customer is unique. The same customer can register himself with different email addresses being the same person. For billing purposes I need the personal id, or tax id to be unique, I can't have to customers registered with the same tax id. I hope someone can guide me on this. Sincerely Thanks!
  5. Still a work in progress but I think something like this looks good 馃槉
  6. Hi @WHMCS John I really appreciate this code. I was thinking of showing customer name or company, but couldn't find the smarty codes you mentioned. I fount this: https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/variables/ but there is no information there about all available options. Nevertheless I figured it out. It worked with {$client->firstname}. I'll be playing around with your code, or the hooks to make it look good and working for customers. I'll update later.
  7. Now when a client registers, a new customer and a new user is created based on that information. I need to save the company name in the customer db, and the first and last name only on user DB. Is there any hook I can use on registration to do this? I need First name and Last name to be empty on clients database.
  8. Your welcome. I think it would make a better experience for users. Cause they won't be getting in areas that are not allowed to them, they'd just see what they can see. I know, but I think it would be clearer if that information is shown in the same place through all client area. I think that will depend on what administrators have selected in "General Settings > Other": Show first name/last name only Show company name if set, otherwise first name/last name Show full name & company if set For example, it could be seen in the header bar, besides the Logout button. For example CUSTOMER Peter Parker C And a Switch icon or something like this This is what I get when I login as adminstrator in cpanel. They give me the chance to change between different accounts (in this case customers) right from cpanel. They only provide this in home screen, but in the top bar, you see which user you are working on. I really appreciate your time on this. I know this is not related exclusively with this versi贸n, but is there any chance to add the following to StatesDropdown.js, as there is no way yet to customize that file? states['AR'] = ["Ciudad de Buenos Aires","Buenos Aires","Catamarca","Chaco","Chubut","C贸rdoba","Corrientes","Entre R铆os","Formosa","Jujuy","La Pampa","La Rioja","Mendoza","Misiones","Neuqu茅n","R铆o Negro","Salta","San Juan", "San Luis","Santa Cruz","Santa Fe","Santiago del Estero","Tierra del Fuego, Ant谩rtida e Islas del Atl谩ntico Sur","Tucum谩n","end"]; Sincerely thanks for listening my proposals. (Sorry for my english, I hope it's clear what I mean)
  9. I'm setting up WHMCS for my company for the first time. I started with the 8 Beta 2, cause it will take me some time to get everything ready, and the public 8 should be out by the time i need it.. I agree that having users to manage accounts its powerfull, but confusing for customers. First, when customer registers, he/she is asked for a First name, Last Name, email and password. Once inside the client panel, this information is SPLIT. In one hand you have the "Account details" where the user can modify the First name, last name and email address, and on the other hand, in the "Your profile" page, they can change First name, Last name and Email Address, and in both pages they can be different. That's ok, but I think in registration page user should be alerted that one thing is the Customer or propietary entity, and other thing is the user administrating the services. The system has unique email addresses for users, but allows same addresses for customers. When they register, it doesn't say that email address belongs to the user. It's hard to understand that the information in my account is the client (billable part) that will receive emails. That the user email address will not receive emails unless it's the same as the customer email address or it's added as a contact. In my case, it happens that designers buy services for their customers and place their email address with the customer name. I think that would make a mess with permissions, owners, designers, comunications, if it's not explained during registration. User managment and contacts should be related, to simplify user experience and improve security users can receive emails contacts (like accounting department) can login to pay bills it's important to know who the user really is, if he will have permissions to ask for support, cancel a service... etc. Not only for admins, but for the customer. in contacts it would be nice to have a Text Field where the client can describe the role (designer, tech support, accounting) I think this will result in a lot of support tickets. (Sorry for my english, I hope you understand what I mean)
  10. I'm using versi贸n 8 RC2. I've encountered some issues in client panel: If you are logged in client area as a user that has several services assigned, after selection of the account to manage, you don't see easily which one you are managing. I'm thinking about a designer managing all their customers accounts. It would be nice to have somewhere at plain sight, the account being managed. I think that when the user logs in, and is shown the "Choose Account" page, all menu items like "support, domains, services" should be hidden until he selects an account Once an account has been selected, the user should only see those pages he is authorized to see. For example If a customer gives a designer permissions for tickets, it would be nice, all other menu options to be hidden, instead of being there and having a "I'm sorry" message.
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