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  1. Hi, So, I'm trying to figure out a way of getting a notification when a customer places a new order as this function is not yet activated on the new Android WHMCS app. The next best way I thought would be to put an email address in the bbc field of the Order Confirmation field but no emails are sent to any email addresses in any template. Simply doesn't work. [The email address I put in the 'from' field does show the customer the email address I wish them to see.] Am I missing a trick here?
  2. Hey Brian, Thanks for replying. Your replies to others have been most helpful but the time came to post my own query. Also, I need to start getting those 10 posts out of the way to get help quicker!!! So, in your reply you've given me the code to edit the mentioned .tpl template. For the second option, what would the hook look like? I'm just learning hooks and have some added already. If a hook can solve it, then I like to give it a go first. Thanks DV
  3. Hi, Rather than posting the whole link, which when clicked on let's you download a playlist, I would rather just put the word Download. I'm adding extra (and unique) information to a product for each client using Custom Field in Products/Services. I've set it as a URL and go to the client's profile and enter the URL. But rather than the whole string appearing in the additional information area in client area, I want to put a word or phrase. I thought I could just use html in the field - <a href="http://www.google.com">text here</a> I'm using version 7.10.2 which I think is the most recent I can use on my server according to the hosting service. I've attached a screenshot. Between the two red marks I'd like that link to be just a word or phrase. Thanks DV
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