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  1. Hello, We try to add link in template (six) ->clientareainvoices.tpl in foreach section. {foreach key=num item=invoice from=$invoices} <tr onclick="clickableSafeRedirect(event, 'viewinvoice.php?id={$invoice.id}', false)"> <td>{$invoice.invoicenum} <br><a href="/index.php?m=mymodule&id={$invoice.id}" target="_blank"><u>Contract</u></a> </td> <td><span class="hidden">{$invoice.normalisedDateCreated}</span>{$invoice.datecreated}</td> <td><span class="hidden">{$invoice.normalisedDateDue}</span>{$invoice.datedue}</td> <td data-order="{$invoice.totalnum}">{$invoice.total}</td> <td><span class="label status status-{$invoice.statusClass}">{$invoice.status}</span></td> <td class="responsive-edit-button" style="display: none;"> <a href="viewinvoice.php?id={$invoice.id}" class="btn btn-block btn-info"> {$LANG.invoicesview} </a> </td> </tr> {/foreach} This line <br><a href="/index.php?m=mymodule&id={$invoice.id}" target="_blank"><u>Contract</u></a> And link have added in all invoices, but we want to show this link only in Paid invoices. How it make, we try add if $status="Paid", but it doesn’t work, we do something wrong, help me how it should look. Thanks.
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