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  1. Hello, I'm running a custom one from Zomex, I'm sure it just needs updated then. Thanks for getting back
  2. Hi all, how does the client change their own password now? I no longer see a place for them to change it or than going to log in page and sending a pass reset link. Running 8.1 release.
  3. Hello, can any one reproduce on 8.1 release. If you add partial payment to invoice, it still shows full amount when looking under unpaid invoices.
  4. Hello, yep, even the home page. I am using a Zomex template tho, might that be the cause? Running on 8.1RC
  5. Same here, I guess this was left out of the system for at least up to 8.1RC
  6. Hey guys, this works good, but it's also on the log in page. How can I remove it from certain pages? Use it on 8.1RC
  7. Looks like I can make this work, if I go to Properties of the tblclients database and turn up Auto Inc. Value to where the next customer number is I can skip ones, the key is to go in order, if you skip any and need to go back you cant easily
  8. I can care less if they are in order, it's the reference to the mod that connects to my SQL database that drives other software is why I want them to match.
  9. Hi Kian, that might work for new clients, but not the ones I have now. Or at least the whole mod would have to be rewritten. Not something I want to do for sure.
  10. Hi Steven99, I have a mod that looks at the client ID and adds that to SQL server for a different system, they really have to match what's in SQL now for that customer.
  11. Thanks you guys for getting back. In my case it's a little more compilated. I'm bring in clients from a different system and about non of them are in order, it's not the end of the world if I cant do it but I want to add a client and then just go in and change the id and then add a new one and change that and keep going. Do you guys see a problem with any of that IF I don't add and services/domains ect to the account.
  12. Hi all, I know this has been asked before but I cant find a good answer for it. I want to change the client ID, this would be only for new clients and they would have no services added. Can anyone help? WHMCS support told me to ask you guys 🙂
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